Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins parul apologizing to rajvi. She tells about the twist of fate. Charmy says i promise, there received’t be any police case, i m sorry whatever my sister did, if she didn’t give shobit the false information of my loss of life, then he would have not finished this. Rajvi says you instructed us the reality, i ought to ask for forgiveness to nandini, i informed her a lot. Rajvi panics and says i’m hoping we get nandini. Absolutely everyone consoles her.

Nandini gets stored from the automobile. A man thinks why is she sitting here at night time. He asks will you have got tea. Nandini cries and thinks where shall i go now, i didn’t get love and recognize there, i can’t move back. Shobit says we are able to find her. Darsh thinks where did she pass. Nandini sees an accident occurring. She shouts on the truck driving force. He runs away. She is going to help the woman. She assessments within the car. She sees jhunjhunwala. She exams her smartphone. She says battery is dead, i’ve to name the medical doctor by some means. She sees a touch lady inner.

She takes the female out. The lady hugs her and cries. She asks for her mum. She asks her nanu to arise. Shobit says i can move and ask at the shop in the event that they had visible nandini. Darsh involves the tea stall. He asks did you see her going, she is his spouse. The person laughs. He says she might have run away with someone, you are blind. Darsh beats the guys. They beat up darsh. Shobit sees this and runs to him. Shobit additionally fights. He’s taking darsh with him. A man takes a rod to overcome him. Darsh senses this and makes shobit away. The man hits on his head. The person runs away.

Shobit issues and calls someone for help. The tea seller comes. Chetan comes. He asks what passed off to darsh. Shobit says you’re taking him to sanatorium, i can locate nandini. Chetan says i can take him to the medical institution where his surgery is scheduled, this harm shouldn’t damage his technique. The girl says you have got come for me. Nandini cries. The police sends the female and jhunjhunwala to the health facility. Nandini says i understand him, however not that lady. She collides with a constable. Her telephone and pockets fall. Nandini is going within the ambulance. Shobit comes and asks what took place here.

The inspector says a woman met with an coincidence, she is useless. Constable says i were given that girl’s smartphone and handbag, she maybe nandini rawal. Shobit says its her bracelet, no, this can’t happen, darsh will destroy down. He asks in which is the frame taken. Constable says metropolis hospital. Shobit says i promised darsh, i can bring nandini home. The lady smiles seeing nandini. She receives the aid carried out. Nandini says jhunjhunwala is tired, he is sound asleep. The lady says you are with me, i m so glad. She hugs nandini. Nandini thinks what to do.

Precap: Rajvi asks in which is nandini. Shobit cries. Rajvi says i can persuade her and bring her. He says she met with an twist of fate, she is no greater. All and sundry receives taken aback.


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