Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Nandini saying Toral’s child is 1993 conceived. Darsh comes and holds her. She gets frightened. He jokes and requests that she watch a thriller with him. They fall on the bed. Dil diyaan gallan… .plays… He holds her near kiss. Her telephone blare. He snickers. She says its director’s message. He says he is saying they are not replying. Nandini shows the birth band. She says I can simply see K composed on it. He says perhaps she picked this band from some place, supervisor didn’t specify about her kid. She says no, she lost her youngster, that is the reason she is in this state.

Nandini takes care of the desserts to Toral. She requests her to think from the kid’s name. Dada ji stresses. Toral requests more desserts. Darsh comes to Charmy. He asks how was your primary care physician’s visit, is everything fine. She says indeed, there are many individuals to really focus on me, you are likewise there. He says I heard you went alone, for what reason didn’t you go with Shobit, is everything fine. She thinks this worry is intended for Shobit, fine,

I know to exploit the circumstance. She says nothing is fine, we used to talk throughout recent hours, there isn’t anything passed on to talk, everything is abnormal, I continue to think to get that flash back. He says I m happy you are investing amounts of energy, invest time, I m sure all will be great. She says I know, Navratri is coming, Shobit likes the happy, I don’t know playing garba, else I would have gone out with Shobit. He says I will show you, you can amaze Shobit, he will be cheerful. She holds his hands and expresses profound gratitude. He goes. She grins.

Nandini and Toral play. Vipul comes. Nandini requests that Toral review. Dada ji says don’t compress her. Vipul says you know Rajvi and my choice… . Toral says I recollect the youngster’s name. Nandini says its extraordinary, what’s the youngster’s name, tell me. Vipul stresses. Toral says Krishna, Kamalnath…

Dada ji says she is doing jaap of Krishna’s names. Vipul says yes. Nandini says indeed, she might review her family soon. He says leave it, don’t you need to hear the uplifting news, we chose to get Charmy and Shobit wedded in two days, she is pregnant, we have no choice. Nandini says its an uplifting news. He says we have a lot of work, come. Nandini takes Toral. Dada ji asks how could you choose it soon. Vipul says we will get time to contemplate Toral. Charmy figures I will get an opportunity to draw near to Darsh. She hears Shehnai sound. Parul and Chetan say shock, congratulations. Charmy inquires as to why. Parul says Rajvi said Shobit and you will get hitched in two days, congratulations.

Shobit grins. Parul makes her wear bangles. Chetan requests that Shobit and Charmy invest energy. Chetan and Parul leave. Shobit asks are you glad. Charmy says indeed, Darsh clarified me, we need to make a solid effort to keep this connection. He says I m extremely cheerful, I will complete my gathering and come. He embraces her and goes. She blows up and tosses the bangles. Nandini looks on and says for what reason is Charmy so irate.

Darsh says I m so glad for Shobit, all will be well. Nandini says I feel Charmy isn’t content with this marriage. He inquires as to is there any good reason why she won’t remain cheerful. She says indeed, yet I will converse with her. He says converse with me once. He asks did you converse with Kishor. He says he didn’t reply, they simply couldn’t care less, we will deal with Toral. She gets a child’s pic and says this child has a similar birth band. He requests that she get the band. She says I kept the band here, where did it go.

Vipul and Chetan consume the band. Chetan says if Nandini knows the emergency clinic’s name. Vipul says Rajvi has gone to the medical clinic to eradicate Toral’s connected recollections. Charmy calls Mrs. Patel. She says I need to stop this marriage at any expense, I can vanish Shobit from my way,

I can accuse Toral, Rajvi will make Nandini out of the house for getting Toral home. Toral says I recall the youngster’s name. Nandini goes to storeroom. Toral goes to call her. Nandini says they ought to have Toral’s family record. She calls the emergency clinic and requests Toral’s family. The man says its intense to discover the records, however how might I reject you, Rajvi likewise came here for arrangement. He gets Toral’s records. She asks did she had a young lady or a kid. Her telephone gets off. Nandini says Toral has some youngster.

Precap: Rajvi says Toral, you need to go from here. Nandini inquires as to for what reason were you conversing with her out of resentment, is there something.


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