Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with Darsh saying Charmy, you recover. Nandini says Navin has told me about this medicated paste, which will work. Shobit asks if he spoke to you. She says it’s Vaid, time heals all wounds, I manage this leprosy. Charmy says no. Shobit asks what the damage is, Naveen is a good Vaid. Darsh says so, please forgive leprosy. Charmy thinks they apply it to me when Darsh says this leprosy patient doesn’t help me at all. Nandini applies a leprosy patient to him. Shobit says the resulting mark is fading. Nandini smiled. Shobit sees Charmy and says that his fever has subsided and that leprosy has worked. Darsh says their marriage will not be postponed, now everything is fine. They smile. Charmy thinks they are replanning their marriage, what should I do now? Rajvi is crying and praying for his family. She tells Toral to stay away when everything is going well. Toral is here. He says I remember my name,

Toral Rawal. Rajvi and Vipul are surprised. Rajvi says my family is collapsing, leave me alone. She is exhausted. He asks her to stop. He stops the toral and asks him to accompany him. She pours him juice. Fall to her. It comes and says you have to clean your clothes. Nandini comes in and asks how he got this necklace. Toral says he remembers my name Toral. Vipul says we all know, how does she get out of the room? Nandini asks what the name is. I think he is toral. Vipul gets angry. Nandini says I’ll take her to her room. He goes on and on. He says it has to happen today, I have to call Rajibi and ask where he got angry, okay? Darsh stops him. Vipul says Toral did something before Rajvi.

Darsh says you and your mom are upset since she arrived. Nandini and I would have been able to take her to the hostel with her nurse. We decided to keep her here, were we wrong with it? Viple cried. He don’t misunderstand me and your mom, I know Toral is suffering, he needs treatment, he because everything goes wrong since he arrived here I want you to improve. Darsh says so, I understand, but dad, is there anything you’re hiding from me? Does Vipul say that if I tell you the truth, you will misunderstand us? Will you trust me?

Darsh says I can blindly trust you and your mom, tell me what bothers you. Vipul actually says … You think that time is not right. He says I can’t see tears in Rajibi’s eyes, she gave everything to her family since Toral came here, Rajibi didn’t eat or sleep, it she It’s so painful to meet, I agree with Tral for Rajibi. Darsh often says, I speak at the mental center, if that’s the problem, why do I feel like you’re hiding something from me? Vipul doesn’t say anything like that. He goes I think it’s Darsh.

Paruru talks to her friend. A friend has come. Paruru says she says I have a dress for you and she asks Nandini to dress it for Shobit’s wedding. Vini says you are my mother too, you let me use it. Paruru asks what you said. Vini says Nandini said KJ had two mothers, Yashoda and Devki. She calls you a good mother this morning. Paruru cried and hugged. Vini says Nandini taught me that, but I decided.

Chetan comes and sees Paruru crying. He asks why you are crying, is that okay? Vini says his grandfather has arrived. What does he hear She says I can’t explain, do what you need. Paruru says Nandini taught me that I have two mothers, me and Nandini. Signing a document does not maintain relationships and wins. If you force Nandini to hire Vini, Vini can accept me. Not us. I’m not without children now, I have a cute daughter. She accepts Vini. They smile. Paruru says: Come on, I’ll prepare you. Toral says I won’t give this chain.

Nandini says it’s charmy, give him it, I get the jewels. Get other gems. He takes off the toral necklace. Toral says it’s mine. Nandini asks Ginal to give something to Toral. She thinks I made a mistake in keeping the toral here. She once she consults a doctor. Charmy asks the thug to kidnap Shobit, he shouldn’t go home. Goon says so. She gives him a photo of Shobit. Call Mrs. Patel. She says I had a way to quit the marriage, Shobit wouldn’t get in the way of me, I let Nandini out and catch Darsh, I don’t like Shobit, you’re in Shobit Post the news of disappearance, you can be so insulting. as you wish. Rajvi gets out of the car. She was shocked. Charmy thinks she heard everything. Rajvi looks at Charmy. Go to the bully disguised as a driver. She enters the house. Charmy says I need to do something with her.

Nandini is wondering why he switches to TR. Read Toral Rawal. She says this means that Toral is also a member of this family.


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