Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Nandini conversing with Vipul. He detaches. He says express gratitude toward God, Nandini doesn’t have the foggiest idea about my other name. The man says Kishor informed and said he will meet Toral at the foundation. Nandini quiets down Toral. Darsh and Nandini ask how is this family, they could do without Toral. The man says I will take Toral with me. Nandini says no, I won’t leave her here. The man says converse with her family member,

I will call, you can converse with them and take consent. He calls. Vipul detaches. Nandini says we know the amount they care for Toral, I will not release Toral anyplace until they come to meet us. The man says fine, I will go at this point. He gives the tiffin and goes. Rajvi and Vipul come. Darsh tells about the director, Toral was there since 27 years, her family could do without her. Vipul says we need to send her to some establishment. Rajvi says no need, Toral would have run from that point, since she wasn’t dealt with well, Vipul is making new courses of action. Nandini says we should meet her family once. Darsh says they will come sometime in the not so distant future.

Toral gets a kalash and hits Jinal. Rajvi requests that she bring it back. Toral gets injured. Darsh and Nandini come. Toral cries. She takes the kalash and says its mine. Nandini says its our family kalash. Toral says accompany me. Rajvi says Toral will recall old things on the off chance that she remains here. Charmy hears Rajvi’s words. She calls Mrs. Patel to refresh. Nandini makes Toral prepared and says you look delightful. Toral embraces her. Darsh comes.

Darsh persuaded Nandini to send Toral to the psychological emergency clinic, she will seek right treatment there. Nandini requests that Toral accompany her. Toral says I would prefer not to go with them, Nandini you accompany me. Nandini cries and says I will come to meet you. Toral leaves. Nandini cries and embraces Darsh. Darsh thinks I m so fortunate, Nandini is a decent individual alongside being a decent bahu, great spouse and great sister,

don’t have a clue why Lord isn’t giving her bliss of turning into a mother. Darsh converses with Vini. Nandini comes and grins seeing them. She gets passionate. She cries and goes. Charmy asks Shobit do you stress for me or not. She sees Darsh there and goes. Darsh asks all alright among you and Charmy. Shobit says no, she changed a great deal, I think she prefers somebody, or possibly I m reasoning a ton, she is powerless to remain here. Darsh says we have gone through a great deal, awful occasions change individuals a piece, don’t remain dismal, grin, I will converse with her.

Nandini really takes a look at the tiffin. She gets the child’s introduction to the world band. Darsh comes and says we need to go to Toral’s psychological well-being foundation, they called and said she got much savage, she is taking your name. The clinic staff gets Toral back home. Specialist says sorry,

she simply needs to remain with Nandini, she wasn’t paying attention to anybody. Toral says I would prefer not to go with them, I need to remain here. Charmy says I think she got joined with Nandini, she will get fine on the off chance that she remains around Nandini, she should remain here. Nandini says she will remain here until we discover her family. Darsh gestures. Charmy figures what will occur of Rajvi, reality will come out. Darsh thanks the specialist for bringing Toral home.

Rajvi says you didn’t take my consent. Nandini says you realize Toral stays quiet around me. Rajvi blows up. Her hand gets injured. She yells on Nandini. Jinal comes and says Toral… Rajvi asks what did she do now. Toral sees the child’s introduction to the world band and cries. Everybody comes.

Nandini says its the label which is attached to new conceived children’s wrist, I got this band from the tiffin, possibly she is feeling the loss of her kid and crying, perhaps somebody has grabbed her youngster. Shobit says don’t cry, I m like your child. Darsh says even I m there, you have two children, for what reason are you crying. Rajvi and Vipul get stunned. Nandini thinks Rajvi is likewise feeling awful seeing Toral’s state, however for what reason did she blow up on me when I said we will keep Toral home, for what reason does she need to send Toral away.

Precap: Nandini says you guaranteed, you will attempt to review your kid’s name, review. Vipul says Rajvi and I chose to… Toral says I recall the kid’s name. Vipul stresses.


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