Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

YAapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Nandini reassuring Toral. She clicks a pic of Toral’s saree stamp. She thinks to track down the psychological establishment. Darsh additionally calls the psychological establishments and finds about Toral. Vipul stresses and says you don’t have to call, I have called them as of now, she wasn’t conceded anyplace. He says I needed to stop Darsh. Rajvi says she might have conceded at this point. Toral comes there and holds Rajvi’s hand. Nandini comes. Toral says I need water. Nandini says sorry, I will take her. They go. Vipul asks are you fine.

Rajvi says she can’t remain here. Nandini takes care of water to Toral. Charmy apologizes to Darsh. He says fine, fail to remember it, don’t say something like this before Nandini, your child will be coming, think about Nandini’s feelings. She says sorry, I was thinking… nothing. He asks what. She says I purchased another portable, I was taking selfies with all the relatives, will I take a selfie with you likewise, if it’s all the same to you. He says obviously. She holds him and takes a selfie. She thinks I need my child to resemble you.

Nandini comes and sees them. Darsh says come, Charmy purchased another telephone, she is taking selfies with everybody. Charmy takes a selfie with Nandini. She says just Vini is left. She goes. Darsh says Toral wasn’t conceded in Dwarka’s psychological foundations, I will track down a decent office and seek her treatment began, will you accompany me.

Nandini inquires as to for what reason are you asking me, reveal to me that Nandini you are accompanying me. He says alright, lets attempt, you are accompanying me at this moment. She says fine, however no english melodies. Charmy looks on. She says Nandini, I have a hankering to have sugar rolls. Nandini says Jinal will make it. Charmy says no, you make it well, would you be able to make it for me. Nandini says fine. Charmy thanks and embraces her. Darsh leaves.

Nandini cooks in the kitchen. Darsh comes. Toral is likewise with her. Nandini requests that Toral go. Darsh asks when will your work end, I was going alone, then, at that point, I figured I will go with you. Nandini says I need time to make the bites, go, Jinal will see. He says we are a couple, we are romancing. His hand gets a consume. She says sorry. He says you are so unromantic, I m going alone. He leaves. She says I can discover the establishment on the web. She discovers it. Toral hears Rajvi chatting on the call.

She runs out. Nandini converses with the medical clinic man. He says Toral was here since 27 years, she fled four months back. Nandini says we didn’t choose where to send her. He says I will come and meet you. Toral does the aarti. Rajvi asks who gave her the diya, it can touch off fire. She attempts to stop Toral. Darsh sees Rajvi’s saree going to burst into flames and saves her. Nandini stops Toral. Darsh says we will move Toral today itself. Rajvi goes to converse with Toral. She inquires as to for what reason did you come here, this family is my beginning and end, did you come to break it. Toral misleads rest. Vipul comes and asks what are you doing here.

Darsh says how did father miss this data. Nandini says I called the director, perhaps he can help us. The medical clinic administrator gets back home and says we have come to take Toral out. Nandini says she is frightened, she will not prepare to go with you. He says she will prepare to accompany me seeing this tiffin box, she cherishes it. Darsh says we will choose, a patient fled and you didn’t have a clue.

The man says we needed to document the report, yet her family rejected. Darsh asks who are they. The man says sorry, we can’t give patient’s subtleties. Darsh undermines of police. The man says pause, I m calling her relative. Vipul gets the call. The man says I m in Rawal house, I got Toral with Nandini Rawal. Rajvi and Vipul get stunned.

Precap: Vipul and Rajvi stow away from the chief. Darsh and Nandini say until Toral’s family meets us, we will not release her anyplace.


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