Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Darsh getting some information about her significant other and children. Toral says Vipul. She shouts hearing a train sound. Darsh asks what’s this sound. Rajvi says its coming from Vini’s toy, don’t constrain her. Nandini assuages Toral. Toral flees. Rajvi played the sound to unnerve her. She says I fouled up to unnerve her, however I had no other alternative, Toral need to return to the psychological establishment. Vipul says we can’t send her to a similar establishment, else Darsh and Nandini will know reality. She says I can’t allow my family to break. Charmy converses with Mrs. Patel. Toral crashes into her. Charmy falls. Shobit holds her. Nandini and Darsh stress. Shobit says Charmy is fine. He takes her. She blows up and says I need that lady out of here. Nandini says she is deranged. Charmy says she ought to be in the emergency clinic, in the event that Shobit was nowhere to be found, you realize what might have occurred. Rajvi says she is pregnant. Charmy says Nandini you can never get this, you can never turn into a mother. They get stunned. Darsh comes and hears this. He asks how could you converse with Nandini like this. Rajvi requests that Charmy apologize to Nandini. Vini comes. Nandini says I can comprehend your aggravation. Charmy says grieved, only a mum who saved her child in her belly for a very long time can know the aggravation. Rajvi says I don’t accept this, such moms are likewise there, who love the kid all the life in any event, when they didn’t conceive an offspring, you won’t comprehend, not every person can do this. She goes.

Chetan asks Vipul not to stress, all that will get fine. Parul comes and says I can request that my companion look into Toral. Chetan blows up and reproves her. She goes. Chetan says we will track down another establishment. Vini says I will give you a chocolate since you chastened Charmy today. She goes. Nandini says Darsh, you ought to have not yelled on her. He says she said wrong.

Vipul says we need to send Toral to the psychological organization. Nandini says on the off chance that we can look into the psychological foundation from where she had run, then, at that point, we can discover about her family, we will deal with her. Vipul stresses. Darsh really focuses on Toral. Rajvi comes. He says I feel awful seeing her state, I trust we discover her family, we are fortunate to share happiness and distress, she has nobody. Toral holds his hand. Rajvi yells. He inquires as to for what reason did you get terrified, unwind, she held my hand. He says you look so stressed since she came. Rajvi says indeed, see her state, I m stressed, she pushed Charmy, she can hurt Nandini and Vini, she needs to go to mental establishment. She goes. Rajvi says we can’t do anything if Darsh and Nandini discover anything, Toral needs to leave.

Its morning, Nandini really focuses on Toral. Parul says she pays attention to you. Nandini consoles her. She says you would be knowing your significant other and children, do you recall your better half’s name. Parul requests that Toral say. Toral says Vipul. Rajvi asks what’s going on here, same addressing once more, for what reason is she taking Vipul’s name over and over. Nandini says sorry, she is recollecting her family. She asks do you know your kid’s name. Toral says Vipul. Charmy says she is taking Vipul’s name for each question. Rajvi says its day by day dramatization isn’t right, she needs clinical assistance. Nandini requests that Toral wear shoes and go to the nursery. Toral giggles. Nandini figures who did this stamping on her saree. She comforts Toral. She thinks I need to discover the psychological organization and afterward discover her family.

Precap: Toral does the aarti. Rajvi asks who offered this to her. She stops Darsh. She requests that Toral offer it to her. Darsh sees Rajvi’s saree bursting into flames.


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