Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Nandini presenting herself as Ishani. She stresses seeing her id card. Some time back, Vini asks are you fine at this point. Nandini says yes. Vini says we will go to specialist and come. Nandini rejects. Darsh returns. Nandini figures he didn’t remember me, I will affirm once. She inquires as to for what reason did you come here. He says I had advised you, I thought to meet Jhunjhunwala’s family, you are his girl, right. She asks didn’t you meet me previously. He says no, we met just uncle, he came to Goa likewise in my marriage, don’t get some information about my better half, try not to drink in daytime. She figures he didn’t recognize me, possibly the family tossed my pics out of resentment. He asks her name. She says Ishani Jhunjhunwala. Vini says we will go to specialist. Nandini sees her id card and stresses. Darsh says sorry, I will pick it. She tumbles down and takes the id. Her feet gets injured and drains. Vini requests that he help. He lifts her and takes her. Vini does the guide. Nandini thinks on the off chance that any specialist knows me, no I can’t show my face. Vini goes. Nandini acts. Darsh goes to see Vini.

Gunjan makes desserts. The family takes the desserts for tasting. Gunjan says its great that Nandini advised her barfi formula to me, I miss her, I made it, I made an honest effort. Rajvi says its enough that you attempted, much appreciated, return home, you can come whenever you need. Gunjan requests that they have the desserts. They taste it. Rajvi says its stunning. Gunjan grins. Rajvi says spruce up and come, we will eat together. They all hack and hold back the desserts. Rajvi says she added salt in the desserts, don’t advise her, she will be shattered, she is exquisite, she is bearing discipline in view of Shobit. Vipul asks what will we tell Darsh, he is getting ready to dispatch the desserts. Darsh requests that Vini quiet down, she is a specialist. Charmy shrouds her face behind cover and ppe unit. Vini questions Charmy. Darsh says Ishani can’t dispose of the headache. Charmy goes to check Nandini. Nandini dismisses.

She figures how might I send him away. Darsh requests that she pivot. Charmy doesn’t see her face. She says I will give remedy, sorry, I neglected to get my letterhead in a rush. Darsh requests that Charmy disregard Vini. Vini asks Charmy for what good reason didn’t she see the cut on the foot. Charmy checks and says its a conventional injury. She requests that Darsh apply the treatment. Vini says he isn’t a specialist, in the event that he harms her leg, assuming we need to get her leg cut away, how might she walk. Charmy goes. Darsh does the guide. Bansuri gets the desserts for Naveen. Naveen spits it and says its terrible. Shobit returns home with desserts. Naveen asks what’s this. Shobit says Darsh was discovering Nandini’s barfi formula, I got it from the close by shops to discover coordinating with taste, I kept this opposition. Naveen says he will offer 15000rs to the victor.

He says you would realize that account of Ram and Hanuman, Ram requested that Hanuman get Sanjeevani spice, Hanuman didn’t have the foggiest idea about the spice and got the whole mountain, you got every one of the desserts for Darsh. Shobit says I fouled up with him. He thinks Charmy is tricking him. Darsh requests cream for dark circles. Charmy says you shouldn’t have any significant bearing it after eye a medical procedure, sorry, I thought about some other patient. He says its for my better half, she learns around evening time, her eyes look drained. She thinks you love Nandini a ton, however I m not Nandini. Nandini embraces Vini. She says if Darsh returns once more, simply disclose to him that I m not here. Vini asks her not to stress.

Nandini proceeds to blow up considering everything. She says Darsh and Rajvi misconstrued me, for what reason did Darsh return, I had begun my new life, I will not allow my past to return my life. Darsh takes a gander at her.

Precap: Nandini requests that the thugs leave. Darsh beats the hooligans. The hooligan asks who are you.

Precap: Ranvir gets basic. He requests that Kartik and Sirat tune in, stay together and join after he passes on. He passes on. She yells Ranvir… . Kartik cries.


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