Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with darsh throwing that envelope and going. Vipul says we ought to cope with darsh. Rajvi says i will’t face him. Darsh is going to the storeroom. He gets an axe. He leaves. Anybody tries to prevent him. Chetan and charmy come domestic. They don’t see everyone. Shobit is in his room. He sees the gifts and cries for charmy. He says i really like you, i nevertheless saved your gift safe, i wish you had been right here to celebrate, our revenge got fulfilled, i separated nandini and darsh, i love you a lot that i’m able to go to any volume for it. Charmy comes there and breaks the items. Shobit receives stunned seeing charmy with chetan. She asks do you even comprehend what did you do. He says you are alive… she says yes, i m alive. He says i got a name from the clinic. She says it was a lie, priya had despatched that audio to you, what if i wasn’t alive, you idea i will get happiness via destroying innocent lives, darsh cherished you a lot, how did you suspect i will get justice in case you damage his lifestyles, you are unwell. Chetan says you have to stay with this guilt all of your life now. Darsh is going to ritesh’s room and breaks the bed with the axe. Every person stops him. Rajvi says its nandini’s mistake, she couldn’t hold the relation, she is imperfect, you’re my perfect son.

Darsh shouts forestall it, prevent mendacity to yourself, i m blind, i m no longer best, i got cheated once more. He is going out. He takes his walking stick. He says i received’t stay in a myth, you all additionally don’t live in it, that is my truth. Nandini cries and thinks of darsh. Rajvi says i recognise darsh, that female has hurt you plenty. Shobit involves darsh. He takes that stick and beats himself. Rajvi asks what befell, why are you beating your self. Darsh asks what’s taking place. Shobit says i ought to get punished, i ruined everything, i should die, i m a monster. Anybody seems on. Shobit says nandini is innocent. Vipul asks what. Shobit says she didn’t do anything, i have achieved all this, i created this misunderstanding, she didn’t cheat you, i did this to expose ritesh and nandini’s affair. Vipul shouts why. Shobit says i got the news of charmy’s suicide, i regarded darsh accountable for it, i determined to separated darsh and nandini to take revenge, once i met ritesh, i notion to apply him. He tells the entirety he did. Chetan and charmy come. Shobit says then i were given to understand that charmy is alive. All of us sees charmy.

Shobit says i made a large mistake, i want to die. He cries. Chetan stops him. Shobit says none can love darsh more than nandini, get her returned, please. Darsh cries. Shobit begs him and cries. Darsh says champ, i know you adore me a lot, you’re doing this to maintain my heart, you are making an excuse to store nandini, i recognise my brother can’t do that, don’t do that. Shobit says i m no longer mendacity, nandini can’t cheat you, she got to recognize that there are chances of your eyesight coming back, she became assembly ritesh to plan your surgical operation, she had given you an envelope, wherein is it. He receives the envelope. He says its a birthday surprise for you. Rajvi reads the papers. Shobit says nandini had labored hard to get your surgical procedure completed, she found a donor additionally, she loves you a lot, whatever i had proven is a lie. Rajvi and darsh cry. Shobit says sorry, please forgive me. Rajvi receives angry and says i hate you, what did you do. She beats him. Darsh stops rajvi. He says don’t beat him, i will’t trust that shobit had hatred for me, i made a huge mistake again, i doubted her again, how will i face her, i should seek her.

Shobit says i don’t deserve forgiveness, however please let me find her, i can get her back, accept as true with me, you move for the surgical treatment. Rajvi says you gained’t go anywhere, i don’t believe you, perhaps this is your plan, perhaps you need to go after which do something. Shobit says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Darsh says i don’t want the operation if i’m able to’t see nandini, i should locate her. Vipul says all of us ought to cross and discover her. Nandini is on the way. She receives a call. She disconnects. The battery is going off. She walks on the street. A vehicle quickens.

Precap: A female meets an twist of fate. Shobit comes there. He asks what came about. Inspector says a female met with an twist of fate, she is useless. Constable says we got her cellphone and purse, maybe she is nandini rawal. Shobit gets greatly surprised.


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