Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Rajvi requesting that Toral go, she needs to take off from the house. Nandini looks on. Toral gets Rajvi. Nandini stops her and yells to Darsh. Darsh removes Rajvi and asks are you fine. Nandini inquires as to for what reason were you harming Rajvi. She asks Rajvi is there anything, for what reason did you converse with Toral out of frustration. Rajvi says let me inhale, then, at that point, I will say, I saw her alone and came to drop her to room, she did this. She goes.

Darsh says we likewise need her to go to her family, yet they aren’t replying. Nandini says Toral has a youngster without a doubt. Rajvi asks what does that band demonstrate, perhaps she has taken it from somebody. Nandini says no, I had called and asked the clinic, they affirmed that Toral’s conveyance occurred there 28 years back, he let me know that you had gone there today. Rajvi asks are you keeping an eye on me today, I went there to book a bed for Charmy, her conveyance is close. Darsh says she isn’t spying, she intends to say that… . Vipul says stay silent, your mum is so worried.

Darsh says we thought Toral is from a helpless family, assuming her conveyance occurred in a major clinic, it implies she is from a wealthy family. Rajvi says discover her family later, Shobit’s marriage is there, get ready for it, its a devil day for us. Rajvi thinks sorry Nandini, I need to get you far from this. Darsh requests that Shobit attempt the sherwani. Shobit says its not required. Darsh says its required. Shobit says its a major change for Charmy and me, I was unable to keep Gunjan cheerful, I wish Charmy stays content with me. Darsh says indeed, she will be cheerful, you need to invest amounts of energy.

Shobit inquires as to for what reason ruled do this with you, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to turn into a father. Darsh says that is fine, Nandini and I are cheerful, you center around Charmy, stay glad. Shobit says I have the best sibling in the entire world. They embrace. Charmy asks Mrs. Patel for what reason is the family lying, didn’t Toral work here as Nanny. Mrs. Patel says I have checked at the organization, no Nanny was there named Toral.

Charmy says they are concealing confidential, I need to stop my marriage by making a major stride, I need your assistance. Mrs. Patel says you can act to fall wiped out. Charmy says indeed, they will not drive me for marriage. Parul shows the hand impacts on the divider. Toral comes to put the hand impressions. Parul stops her. Nandini requests that she go. She sees the hand impressions of another person on the divider. She asks whose hand impressions are these. Rajvi calls Charmy and says don’t call me aunt or MIL, just Nandini calls me MIL, you call me mother, I m welcoming Guru ji in your marriage, I need Guru ji to recite the mantras. Charmy stresses.

Rajvi says this is our genealogical adornments, I need you to wear this. Charmy says give this letter to me, I will offer this to Guru ji. She thinks in the event that Guru ji doesn’t come, marriage will not occur. Charmy attempts the adornments. She takes some medication. Nandini goes to her room. She grins seeing the improvements. Darsh embraces her. She asks what’s this. He says I will show you something, I was thinking to act in Shobit and Charmy’s marriage, we will order their romantic tale. She says your thought is acceptable, I began wearing heels currently, how might I dance. He says relax. He makes her wear heels. They dance on Wo rang bhi… . They grin.

Shobit says come quick, something happened to Charmy. They go to see. Shobit inquires as to for what reason isn’t she eliminating the gems. Nandini says possibly she attempted the gems and got this metal sensitivity response. Charmy figures now they will delay the marriage. Darsh calls the specialist for Charmy. Charmy says I was invigorated for the marriage, we need to delay it now. Shobit says simply rest, alright. Darsh says relax, we are here, you will be fine.

Shobit says I read that remedy can’t be given to a pregnant young lady, we need to allow the fever to die down in a day. Darsh says its fine, we will delay the marriage.

Nandini says yet it was a decent mahurat. Charmy says I can’t wed in this state. Nandini thinks to call Naveen and inquire. She considers Charmy. Darsh says specialist is coming. Charmy says I have a breathing issue too. Toral goes to the room and gets down on Nandini. She sees the gems. She reviews herself. She says its mine, right. Nandini looks on.


Rajvi petitions God for Shobit’s marriage. She sees Toral. Toral says I recall my name, I m Toral Rawal. Rajvi and Vipul get stunned.


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