Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Bansuri coming and getting some information about Nandini. Rajvi says she is getting treated. Bansuri says Naveen heard the thugs discussing the impact, he had called Nandini, perhaps he can help and discover those hooligans. Charmy stresses. Vini implores. Parul comes to reassure her. Vini says I m prepared to remain with you. Parul embraces her. She says I guarantee, nothing will happen to her. Charmy comes and says I wasn’t feeling good, so I got back home. They request Nandini. Charmy says don’t have a clue. She comes to Namrata and asks how didn’t you figure, Darsh would have passed on, the whole family would have kicked the bucket. Namrata says for what reason would I hazard my family, the hooligans aren’t replying. Charmy says I thought to make place in Darsh’s life. Namrata inquires as to why. Charmy says I was discussing Shobit, I can’t get found out, where will I go with my child. She sees the mangalsutra. Namrata asks whose mangalsutra is it. Charmy says its of Nandini, it fell in the emergency clinic so I got it with me. Namrata says I thought to grab Nandini’s certainty, I didn’t figure she will kick the bucket. Charmy says police examination will occur. She thinks its better in the event that she passes on. She gets Shobit’s call. She grins. She goes to Darsh’s room. She says you will not live for long. She wears the mangalsutra. Darsh comes and asks what are you doing here. Charmy eliminates the mangalsutra. She says I came to keep Nandini’s mangalsutra, sorry, I heard that she didn’t get cognizant after activity, I m there for you. Darsh asks didn’t anybody advise you, she is cognizant, she is out of risk, there isn’t anything to stress. She says express gratitude toward God, its something worth being thankful for. He takes the mangalsutra and goes.

Darsh, Rajvi and family deal with Nandini at the clinic. Days pass. Rajvi says uplifting news, you can return home with us, I wish you don’t come to medical clinic once more, just come when you need to give me uplifting news. They grin. Rajvi requests that they come soon. Darsh says you are a rockstar, you endure the bomb impact and got back home, I was so terrified, I can’t lose you. Nandini embraces him. He says I will kill those hooligans. She jokes. He embraces her. She says I understood that life might end whenever, so I need us to begin our family, to carry on with another period of life, do you need youngsters. He says one dozen, is it fine. She says yes. Attendant says specialist is calling you. He goes to meet the specialist.

He thanks and embraces the specialist. He says you saved Nandini and my life. Specialist says I was performing my responsibility, I wish I didn’t need to give you an awful news, you said about Nandini’s mishap, she had stomach wounds that time, sad to say that she can never imagine a youngster because of inside wounds. Darsh gets stunned.

Specialist gives him water. Darsh cries. Nandini comes and says Darsh… . She asks what occurred, is everything fine. Darsh says specialist said you have iron insufficiency, I will deal with you. She says alright. He embraces her and cries. They leave. Shobit says Vini is the most invigorated for your return. Nandini asks do you invest energy with Charmy or not, a lady needs her accomplice the most when she is pregnant, you will be becoming Papa. Shobit asks Darsh all alright. Darsh says I was figuring, you and Charmy ought to get hitched soon.

Nandini reminds Darsh the date. He says indeed, its Guru ji’s Jayanti. Shobit hacks. He asks do you accept that. She says yes. She says Darsh has failed to remember my birthday after marriage. They return home. She asks where is everybody. Shobit says its a work day, everybody is occupied, did you anticipate a shock. She says no. Everybody comes and yells shock. They sing the birthday melody. Everybody embraces and wishes Nandini. Shobit says you figured Darsh will fail to remember your birthday, no way. Darsh says glad birthday. Nandini grins. Rajvi says my gift is a shopping date with my Bahu, I need a return gift, what I had asked at the clinic. Nandini embraces her.

Charmy gazes at them. She thinks what befallen Darsh, for what reason does he look so low. Nandini takes a gander at Darsh and signs what. He signs nothing and grins. He gives her a flying kiss. She grins. He figures for what reason did this occur with Nandini, how might I disclose to her this news.

Precap: Nandini asks what occurred at the clinic. Darsh says nothing. Charmy gets the reports. She figures Nandini can never imagine, this year her birthday will be exceptional.


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