Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode starts with Shobit saying we will do something exciting, we will play truth or dare. Darsh says we are not teens now. Shobit says there is no age to play. Gunjan says we will play, it will be fun. Nandini says I don’t know it. Shobit asks really, are you scared that your truth will come out. He laughs and says I m joking. He spins the bottle. He asks Nandini to choose truth or dare, if she chooses truth, then she will have to answer what they ask. She says truth. Shobit says we will ask you, did you like any guy before Darsh, he won’t say, you know about him and Shamika. Nandini says I liked a boy of tenth standard, when I was in 8th standard, I left the school after 8th, so we never talked. Gunjan says I have gone to college as well. Nandini says I liked him, because he had a gear cycle. Darsh says she is materialistic since childhood. Shobit asks Darsh is he jealous. Darsh says you are mad.

Shobit says its Darsh’s turn, Darsh will choose truth. Nandini asks are you hiding something from me since our marriage. Darsh says yes, there is something I had hidden, I didn’t tell my laptop password. They smile. Gunjan says I will spin the bottle now. She says I will choose dare, shall I sing. Shobit says you can’t sing here. Darsh says let her do what she wants. She sings badly. She asks why did you all get so quiet, am I singing so well, thanks.

Nandini spins the bottle. Gunjan says it got on your side again, you have to take dare now. The waiter gets the bill. Darsh asks Nandini to pay the bill, its a dare for her. He says mom wants to make you project head, its simple thing for you, come on. He asks what happened. She sees the bill and says I can pay this, just 1500rs, isn’t it a less amount for this big hotel. She pays the bill. Gunjan checks and says who ordered the coffee, whose bill is this. She asks the waiter about the bill. A guy comes there and gives the bill. Waiter says this is your bill. Nandini says 18000rs. Darsh smiles.

The guy identifies her. She gets happy and says Ritesh, where did your specs go. He says I m becoming an eye specialist, I got the laser done for free. He introduces himself as Dr. Ritesh. He says we know each other since childhood, I have studied because of her dad, he had paid my fees, who does that for an orphan. She says I should pull your ears, you didn’t come in Bansuri’s marriage and my marriage. He says I didn’t get time in final ear. Darsh introduces himself. Nandini introduces the family. Ritesh tells their childhood incident. Nandini laughs. Ritesh says I m sorry, I couldn’t come in Bansuri’s marriage and gift anything, so the lunch is from my side. She says no. Darsh says no, be our guest. Ritesh says I m in a hurry, I will pay the bill. She says give it to me. He pays the bill. Darsh says don’t swipe, this is not done.

Ritesh says its okay. Nandini and Ritesh go for a talk. He says say sorry to Bansuri that I didn’t come in her marriage. Nandini says Bansuri would be upset. He asks are you happy. She says because he is blind, he can do anything. Darsh invites him home. Ritesh says definitely, you would not know, I was doing internship where your surgery happened. Darsh asks really, small world. Ritesh leaves. Shobit gets Charmi’s audio messages. Gunjan takes the phone and switches it off. He worries. Darsh says you said you will pay the marriage bill. Nandini says its a loan, I will pay it. She thinks I won’t stay in the house until I pay the amount, I should go my way if Rajvi got fine. They all come back to the resort. Shobit says I m tired, sorry.

Gunjan says fine, come soon. She goes. He goes and switches on the phone. He says Charmy finally messaged me. He hears the audio messages. She says I m not fine, I m admitted in the hospital, I had internal bleeding due to those pills, I have less time, sorry to say bad to you in anger, I know you love Darsh a lot, he doesn’t love you, I m taking many guilt with me, I should have talked to you instead Darsh, I love you, I don’t know I will be alive or not till you get this message. He cries. Rajvi asks Nandini to sit, what happened on lunch. Darsh comes. Nandini says I m smiling, because you got fine. She thinks I have no reason to stay here now. Rajvi asks did Darsh say anything. Nandini cries and says I was worried for your health. Rajvi cries. She says you made me cry also, go and freshen up. Nandini goes. Shobit calls the hospital and asks for Charmy. The nurse says sorry Sir, she died an hour ago, her family just took her body. He gets shocked. He says I just heard her voice, how can she die. He cries.

Precap: Darsh says you are a gold digger. Nandini says I didn’t marry you for money, I didn’t cheat you. Darsh says you took an advantage of my family. Nandini shouts enough, I m leaving this house. Rajvi and everyone get shocked.


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