Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with pandit taking the coconut. Hooligan pushes him. The plate falls. Pandit asks what’s happening with you. Hooligan apologizes. They supplant the coconut. Everybody comes for the puja. Charmy asks Namrata not to converse with her before the family. Pandit requests that Nandini break the coconut. Nandini figures the coconut doesn’t have water. She gets a call from Naveen. She keeps the coconut. Rajvi requests that she answer the get back to and come soon. Nandini goes. She answers the call and asks is Bansuri fine. He says he is fine, I called you to talk critically, a rhythm technician was talking, it was loaded up with coconuts, he was discussing some impact, I couldn’t care less if the family lives or bites the dust, I called in light of the fact that there is a young lady in the family. Nandini asks what impact, advise me. She sees the thugs running in the rhythm. She stops the beat.

She asks who are all of you, what impact are you arranging. The hooligans hijack her. She yells to Darsh. Pandit says mahurat is cruising by. Darsh goes to see Nandini. Hooligans take Nandini in the truck. Darsh says she came to go to the call, don’t have the foggiest idea where did she go. He calls her. Rajvi asks where is she. Darsh says I m discovering her. Chetan says I will call Naveen and ask, his telephone is off, I will call Bansuri. He calls Bansuri and asks are you fine, Naveen was calling Nandini, she was stressed, did she come there, fine, simply inquiring. Darsh says in the event that Bansuri is fine, where is Nandini. Rajvi says possibly she went to meet Naveen. Darsh says no, she will not go leaving the puja, there is some issue, I m stressed. Nandini liberates herself. She says I need to educate the family. Pandit says mahurat will end. Darsh requests that chief discover Nandini. Magistrate asks him not to stress. Namrata asks did hooligans flee, I trust they abducted Nandini. Rajvi requests that Darsh do the custom, it will be abshagun, simply break the coconut, Nandini will come. Nandini implores. She pushes the beat entryway. She opens the entryway. She bounces down. The thugs see her tumbled down. Thug says go ahead, that young lady has fled.

The thugs hit their vehicle to the tree. Nandini runs. Darsh says we ought to delay the puja, we will do it when Nandini comes. Charmy says we can’t postpone it. Darsh says I will simply break the coconut and afterward go to discover Nandini. Rajvi says OK. Nandini feels hurt. She runs out and about. She requests that somebody give his telephone. The man gives his telephone. Nandini calls Darsh. Everybody remains in the petitions. Nandini gives the telephone and rushes to home. Darsh takes the coconut to break. Nandini arrives at the house. She runs inside. Darsh is going to break the coconut. Nandini yells stop Darsh.

Everybody goes to see her. Nandini runs and gets the coconut from his hand. She runs outside. Rajvi asks what occurred. Darsh and everybody pursue her to see. Nandini figures what will I do now. Darsh asks what’s going on with you. Nandini says don’t approach, I have a bomb in my grasp. She runs with the coconut. Everybody looks on stunned. Nandini tumbles down. The coconut falls there. Everybody gets stunned seeing the impact. Darsh yells Nandini and races to see. Vini stresses. Shobit asks how did the bomb come, what’s going on. Darsh acquires Nandini her arms. Police and neighbors look on. Darsh and Rajvi cry seeing Nandini. Charmy asks was this your hijackers’ arrangement, bomb, truly, what will happen now. Everybody carries Nandini to the medical clinic. Darsh requests that Nandini get up. Specialist says she might react after the medical procedure. Nandini’s mangalsutra falls there. Charmy picks it. Rajvi asks official did he discover. He says no, how could they go into your home after security. Charmy says on the grounds that they were assembly line laborers. Shobit asks how would you know. Charmy says I m expecting, thugs would have come as assembly line laborers. Rajvi says indeed, pandit was pushed, somebody picked the coconut, perhaps pandit recalls his face. Shobit says right. He calls the pandit. Charmy figures thugs will take Namrata and my name.

Precap: Charmy says Nandini will pass on soon. She wears Nandini’s mangalsutra. She says nobody can prevent me from turning into Darsh’s significant other. Darsh asks what are you doing here. She stresses.


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