Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with shobit getting a jerk. He gets inside the medical doctor’s cabin. He sees darsh and charmy. Darsh scolds shobit and asks how dare you got here in the front of nandini. Shobit gets stunned. Some time returned, darsh and charmy come to fulfill the doctor. Vini says we have to pass returned. Nandini thinks i shouldn’t lose this singing challenge. She says no, i won’t lose, we will paintings tough now. Physician says scans are appropriate. He sees charmy talking to health practitioner. Charmy says i read it at the net. Doctor says i notion you’re a medical doctor yourself.

Darsh says she has turn out to be half of physician by using her studies. Health practitioner asks about the donor’s medical history. Darsh says i don’t know approximately donor, health practitioner stated its exclusive, i want to recognize and thank his circle of relatives. Charmy says i don’t know, dr. Vivek has all of the info, i’m able to ship his variety, you may take details from him. They hear nandini’s singing. Darsh says this voice…. Doctor says you live seated, i can pass and see. Medical doctor meets nandini. Charmy messages rajvi. Rajvi assessments message. She calls vipul and asks him to find eye donor’s details, medical doctor wishes it, darsh can’t locate it, else he’s going to recognize of nandini’s demise.

Shobit sees rawals car outdoor the residence. He says it approach darsh has come right here. He thinks i will simply go and see him from far, i’m able to’t move in front of him. Shobit receives a jerk. He receives within the doctor’s cabin. He sees darsh and charmy. Charmy thinks please don’t say anything shobit. Darsh asks what are you doing here. Shobit says i came for a task interview, i noticed your vehicle outdoor, i m sorry.

Darsh scolds shobit and asks how dare you came in the front of nandini. Shobit gets shocked. Darsh says we are seeking to forget whatever you have done, just cross from right here. Shobit sees charmy and thinks darsh doesn’t recognize that nandini is dead, why is he calling charmy as nandini. Darsh asks him to simply go. Shobit says why isn’t charmy saying anything. Doctor asks what’s the meaning of making a song loud, when personnel said i m busy these days. Nandini thinks i lost the undertaking. Physician smiles and says i would have not regarded which you have a terrific voice, our health center jingle ought to be peppy, my assistant will provide you with complete payment in advance.

Nandini and vini thank him. Health practitioner comes again to darsh. Darsh asks who was singing. Physician says some nearby singer, she works with mahesh, she is making jingle for our medical institution. Darsh says thrilling. Darsh gets indignant on shobit. He thinks its my mistake also to doubt nandini. Charmy says anger isn’t desirable for you. Nandini and vini come out of the health center to lease an vehicle. A beggar begs cash. Nandini gives a torn be aware. Beggar argues. Darsh hears this and says how cheap. Vini greets darsh. Darsh leaves. Nandini scolds the person for appearing blind. Vini says my mum doesn’t deliver 2d probabilities to anyone. Darsh says i heard that female on call and understood. Charmy asks did you meet her earlier than. Darsh says no, i don’t need to meet her ever. Vini hides picnic day brochure.

Nandini assessments it. Vini says i don’t want to go on picnic, we received’t waste so much money. Nandini kisses her. She calls mahesh and says thanks, i were given the improvement of health facility jingle, do you have got some different paintings, i want extra cash. Mahesh says i m making tunes for other customers, however they’ll take audition, you could come if you need. Nandini says i will come. Shobit comes home and calls out everybody. He recalls rajvi’s phrases. He stops on the door. Vipul and all and sundry come. Shobit asks what’s going on.

Rajvi shouts what’s the proper that you are asking this. She comes home. She says you don’t have any relation with darsh and charmy. Shobit says i can always have a relation with darsh, why is darsh calling charmy as nandini. She says i advised charmy to are available the front of darsh as nandini, its our non-public rely, you just depart. Shobit says punish me, but darsh doesn’t deserve this, you are lying to darsh, its a cheat. Rajvi says you cheated us and ashamed us, you don’t lecture us, we are mendacity these days because of your lie.

Shobit asks how did charmy agree. Rajvi says while human beings like you hurt others, some harmless humans should make sacrifices, in case you are responsible for some thing you probably did, you gained’t inform anything to darsh, we may lose darsh because of you. Shobit says but its wrong. Rajvi says i can lie all lifestyles for the sake of his happiness. Shobit cries and turns to depart. She says you’ll no longer use rawal surname from now, you haven’t any relation with this circle of relatives now. Shobit cries. She shuts the door.

Precap: darsh thinks i will capture every second spend with circle of relatives all over again after 3 years. He clicks charmy’s pix. Nandini collides with him and taunts. Vini asks her to come speedy. They cross. Darsh sees charmy and is going together with her.


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