Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 15th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Rajvi saying ‘sorry’ to Nandini and embracing her. Nandini says its OK. She swoons down. Darsh holds her. Nandini says I have torment in my stomach, possibly due to the mishap, I will get fine once I take medications. He says we ought to go to specialist and finish tests. She says I m fine. Vini comes and admonishes Darsh. Rajvi asks did you see who was driving the vehicle that hit you. Charmy and Namrata come. Nandini says Charmy saw me first when I returned home, did I take anybody’s name. Charmy says no, I got you to the room, I don’t have the foggiest idea who locked you. She sees Namrata. Rajvi says disgrace on you Namrata, you would have done this. She says we will keep the industrial facility enters in puja, I don’t need Namrata to remain here, Namrata is here on Dada ji’s maxim, so observe the rules Namrata. Vipul requests that Nandini get fine, they will cause her to do the puja. Namrata blows up and goes. Charmy says how would i be able to respond when family is irate on you. Namrata holds her face and chides her. Charmy pushes her and says I m not your foe, Nandini is your foe, don’t vent her outrage on me, I didn’t feel that she will overcome you. Namrata says I didn’t lose, I won’t lose her.

Parul requests Nandini to take care from herself and give them an uplifting news, start a family with Darsh. Nandini says I m OK. Parul says I will take care of you, I feel fortunate to embrace a young lady like Vini. Vini hears this. Parul says you gave her your qualities, you’re the best. Nandini requests that Vini tune in. Vini disappears. They pursue Vini. Nandini says Parul said she needs a little girl like Vini, I requested that she take on you, we will remain in a similar house, Parul loves you a great deal. Vini says you mean I m a toy for you, move away. She cries and admonishes Nandini.

Nandini says I love you a great deal. Vini inquires as to for what reason are you offering me to Parul, I won’t remain with any other individual than you, leave me on a street. Nandini says don’t say that, we will talk serenely, I will clarify you. Vini says everybody leaves me, you are additionally leaving me. She falls into the pool. Nandini bounces in the pool and brings her out. Darsh comes and helps them. Nandini requests that Vini open eyes.

Darsh says she is fine, what’s wrong. Nandini inquires as to for what reason did you venture back. Vini says I m irate on you. They embrace. Parul cries. Darsh requests that Vini come and change garments, else she will come down with bug. Parul asks are you fine Nandini. Nandini says indeed, heartbroken, I m her mum, I can’t see her sad like this, I can’t offer Vini to you. Parul cries and embraces her. Namrata and Charmy meet a few thugs. Namrata says come in the puja as laborers, do something to Nandini’s face that she gets frightened to see her face. The hooligan says pass on it to us. Nandini prepares. Darsh helps her. She says we will go for puja. Darsh gets some information about Vini last. She says indeed, she can’t survive without me, are you disturbed. He says no, I m with you in all your choices. She feels stomach hurt once more. He requests that she sit, don’t disregard the stomach torment.

She says I m fine, we will go for the puja. The thugs intend to capture Nandini. The thug shows the explosives in coconut. Vini says I need Nandini, nobody else. Nandini says guarantee. Rajvi says Parul is vexed, she needed to take on Vini, possibly she responded like this on knowing it abruptly. Darsh says I concur, its not Nandini’s error, she declined to Parul. Rajvi says I will converse with Parul, we have different alternatives, I asked Namrata not to come here. Darsh says its alright. Hooligans come. Rajvi says Nandini will do the puja. Namrata shows Nandini to the hooligans. She gets stunned seeing the police coming. Rajvi says I called the official. Thug Raghu say we need to accomplish the work on the off chance that we have come, chief will likewise go with Nandini. Namrata asks how did magistrate come, hooligans can’t grab Nandini infront of him.

Precap: Thugs push the pandit and supplant the coconut. Pandit requests that Nandini break the coconut.


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