Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 15 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode starts with Shobit asking Darsh is everything fine between Nandini and him. Darsh says no, I react in anger sometimes, she took the right decision, she saved us from loss, why are you asking. Shobit says I sent medicines for you, she didn’t give you, so I felt so, maybe she forgot. Darsh says maybe she forgot, give the medicines if you want. Shobit says I got it. He gives it. Darsh says get ready for lunch. He goes.

Gunjan comes to Shobit and asks how do I look. Shobit says you always look good. She gets close to him. He asks what are you doing. He says there is a sale on luxury watches in the mall. She says stop making excuses, why did you ask me that, why I married you, I married you because I liked you, can’t you see my love. He gets away. She thinks Baa asked me to trap him in love, but he doesn’t look at me. She asks what’s the problem, do you like me or not, you always make me away, and always tell me about shopping, tell me the truth, do you want to go on lunch with me or not. He says you smile first, you are so beautiful, you don’t look good when you worry, I m shy types, I need time to get comfortable, stop thinking, I told about watch because you wanted it, go and get a luxury watch for yourself, come for lunch. He goes. She gets upset. She says I have to go for lunch with him. Se goes out. She takes selfie. Rakla and Nirali come. Gunjan asks are you going somewhere. Nirali says aunty asked us to go for lunch.

Gunjan shows her pic and message. Shobit says caption is wrong. Gunjan says my english is the best, don’t know, how mistake happened today. Nandini comes and says I don’t know Darsh will let me have food or not. Nirali compliments her. Darsh comes. Nirali says you both colour coordinated. Rakla says love should be such, good. Nandini says I will change my saree and come. Darsh also goes. They both change and wear the same colour clothes again. She asks why would you change, you always trouble me, one of us have to change the colour, I won’t wear matching saree, we have nothing matching. He says spellbinding. She says same to you. Gunjan asks how will we all sit in the car. Nirali says we will come on bike. Shobit says its fine, I will drive the car, car is spacious, we can go. Gunjan asks them to come on bike. Rakla says its fine with me. Rakla and Nirali leave.

Darsh and Nandini come. Darsh asks where is Namrata. Shobit says she has a headache. Gunjan asks Darsh shall I sit with Shobit, you would also like to sit with Nandini. Darsh says sure. Darsh and Nandini sit in the backseat.

Darsh and Nandini sweetly argue and smile. Shobit looks on. They come for the lunch. Nirali says sorry we got late, our scooty broke down on the way. Gunjan laughs. Darsh asks them to sit. Rakla says I will sit with Nirali. Gunjan jokes on their scooty. Shobit asks her to give order.

Gunjan orders a lot. Shobit stops her. He calls the waiter. Gunjan says sorry. She orders for herself. She asks Shobit what will he have. He says you already ordered a lot. Darsh says let her order, that’s fine. Nandini says we can parcel the leftover order. He also orders veg. Nandini, Nirali and Rakla also order. Darsh holds Nandini’s hand. He says we don’t take leftover food home, don’t act cheap. Nandini says its fine to save money. Shobit looks at them. Nandini says you said yu like PDA. She holds Darsh’s hand. Shobit asks Darsh not to be shy. Nandini asks Darsh to feed her by his hands. Darsh says I know you are shy. She says no, its fine. They smile. Shobit looks on. She says my hand needs rest, you had held my hand so tightly, you have to feed me now. Darsh feeds her. Rakla also feeds Nirali. Gunjan sees Shobit. She says this is normal for us, we feed food to each other every day. She drinks. She says I m missing my Baa a lot. Nandini thanks Darsh and says I m lucky that you fed me with love. He thinks I really thought I m lucky, but you proved me wrong.

Precap: Darsh yells at Nandini. She says I didn’t cheat you, I didn’t marry you for money. He says you took advantage of my family. She says its imp t stay with respect than staying with husband. She leaves. Rajvi gets worried.


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