Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Aatish returning home with legal counselors and police. Namrata asks you here. Rajvi says I called him to sign the legal documents here at home, aggressive behavior at home case will begin on him tomorrow, lets will work. Charmy comes. Namrata thinks did anything turn out badly. Charmy signs her to come. Darsh messages Nandini. Nandini gets cognizant. Certain individuals come to help her. Nandini actually looks at the tab and telephone. Rajvi requests that Aatish sign the papers, and never show his face to them again. Shobit says sign on it, we will not take the instance of aggressive behavior at home back. Aatish signs the papers. Namrata goes to Charmy and asks where is Nandini. Charmy tells everything. Namrata asks what, is Nandini alive. Charmy asks her not to yell, in the event that this gets known, she will uncover her reality moreover.

Namrata says don’t undermine constantly, where is the tab. Charmy says Nandini can bring your reality out even presently, the tab has broken. Nandini returns home. She swoons. Namrata says she is alive, yet she is after my life. Charmy says we will take her to room. They take Nandini from the back window. Namrata says I m frightened, she might make an issue. Charmy requests that she proceed to sign papers, she will sedate Nandini and make her rest for not many hours. She asks Nandini is she much hurt, take meds, torment will get less. She takes care of the medication to Nandini. Namrata signs the papers. Charmy locks the room and comes there. Rajvi requests that the watchman see Aatish. Gatekeeper says he is Namrata’s better half. Rajvi says wrong, he isn’t anybody to us, he shouldn’t get a section in the house. Nandini attempts to get up. Parul offers prasad to Aatish. She sees a rodent and requests that the worker get it. Rajvi says rodent is propitious for the house, rodent is Ganesh’s vaahan. Darsh says its going towards my room. He pursues the rodent. He hears Nandini’s voice. Nandini attempts to arrive at the entryway. Darsh says who locked the room. He opens the entryway. Nandini falls in his arms. He asks what occurred, how could you get injured. She cries.

Everybody sees Nandini. Darsh says you see your state, you are being obstinate. Shobit says I will call the specialist. Namrata requests that Aatish leave, papers are agreed upon. Darsh says stand by examiner, my significant other has distraught, she is saying she needs to show everything the evidence against Namrata, I m likewise disappointed, I m deduction to end this for once and all, we will get reality out before everybody, I m so exhausted. He requests that Shobit get his PC. Rajvi asks what is this, she needs a specialist, Namrata’s part is finished. Darsh says no, section will end now when we see the evidence, Namrata will be demonstrated right, and Nandini wrong, lets watch it. He plays the video on the PC. The family gets stunned. Darsh reviews Nandini requesting that he really take a look at the mail.

He signs Nandini. Charmy believes that tab had this video, when did Nandini show this to Darsh. Namrata stresses. She says this video is Nandini’s arrangement. Rajvi slaps her. Darsh says even I need to slap you, how did you respond, we as a whole committed an error, you controlled we all. Rajvi says Aatish is honest, he was in prison for two days, we were sending him to imprison, don’t call me mother, we have no connection from now.

She chides Namrata. Darsh apologizes to Aatish. He says controller, we need to take the case back, we are grieved. Shobit says indeed, yet this separation will occur, Nandini doesn’t merit Aatish. Vipul says you should remain alone all life, Namrata. Rajvi apologizes to Aatish. Aatish says its OK mother, its not your mix-up, I had left expectation that reality can come out, however Nandini consistently confided in me, she battled for reality and brought it out. He expresses gratitude toward Nandini for the blessing. Namrata blows up. Darsh expresses gratitude toward Nandini. He says we got saved from committing this huge error, I m sorry. She says its OK. Namrata thinks to render retribution for this affront.


Rajvi asks who was driving that vehicle, which hit you. Nandini says Charmy. Charmy gets strained.


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