Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with darsh coming to nandini’s house. He says i need to peer shobit as soon as. Bansuri receives water buckets. Darsh goes to assist her. She says you here…. He says i will hold it and come. Shobit comes and sees him. Darsh sees the sacks falling over shobit’s head. He signals and saves shobit. Darsh thinks i can’t consider that you ruined my life, however i will’t curse you. Shobit thinks i m so happy that you obtain your eyesight lower back, i deserve this, don’t feel horrific for me, just pass. Bansuri asks are you going. Darsh says i don’t know why i got here here. He leaves. Nandini and vini get scared.

Nandini sees the goons outdoor. Darsh gets nandini’s name. He thinks why is that lady’s mum calling me. Nandini says raghu, i had known as some goons, why didn’t your goons come, ship them rapid. Darsh thinks nandini, no, how can she be nandini… the goon says we are going now, call all of us, we are able to come back, hold instalment geared up. Darsh says what sort of lady is she. Nandini asks vini now not to worry. Darsh says i hope i don’t meet them again. Vipul says don’t recognize what are rajvi and charmy speakme.

Rajvi comes. He asks what’s going on, we have to drop charmy home before darsh comes. Darsh comes and asks in which is she. Charmy comes dressed as a married lady. All of us gets taken aback. Rajvi says i can placed eye drops to your eyes, come. He says nandini will do. She says you don’t cost your mum, come with me. She takes darsh with him. Darsh signs charmy. She doesn’t understand. He thinks she is too disenchanted, maybe that’s why. Rajvi signs her to move her bangles. Charmy symptoms back. Rajvi signs her to grin. Charmy says i didn’t neglect vintage matters in case you are checking. Rajvi takes him. Vipul asks what’s all this, charmy. Charmy recalls going to speak to rajvi.

Rajvi begs her to emerge as nandini. Chetan and parul also ask her. Charmy tells some thing to rajvi. Dada ji asks how lengthy can you’re taking nandini’s place. Rajvi asks are you sure. Charmy says yes. She says all of us recognise that darsh can’t tolerate nandini’s loss of life surprise, i recognise its a large dedication, it will likely be tough for me, we all have to do that for darsh, i m afraid that darsh is considering me as nandini, but i’m able to’t deliver him the love he merits. Nandini practices making a song. Vini joins. She combs her hair and looks after her. Nandini hugs her. Rajvi looks after darsh. He asks will nandini forgive me. He says i know its your efforts that nandini stayed returned.

Rajvi cries and thinks i couldn’t save nandini. He says i will’t believe life without nandini. Vini says i like teddy expensive and you similarly, you received’t go away me ever, proper. Nandini says in no way. Darsh says i’ve decided it, nandini shall always be with me. Rajvi thinks this is good for you and charmy also. He asks didn’t nandini come till now. She asks him to sleep. Charmy says i will’t live with darsh in the equal room.

Rajvi asks her to sit down. She says i recognise my son well, he is a gentleman, he’s going to never pressure you for anything, he understands that matters aren’t the equal among nandini and him, that is brief, its now not a permanent solution, we recognize that mystery, how long are we able to conceal this. She offers nandini’s books and says i used to educate her every so often, tell darsh that i requested you to complete this lesson these days, he won’t disturb you. She says nandini. Charmy turns. Rajvi says very soon, you may accept her identity, i can assist you. Charmy thinks darsh, i m cheating you, i m doing this for myself.

Precap: darsh clicks charmy’s pix and smiles. He movements again. Nandini collides with him. She name callings him. He sees her leave with vini. He goes with charmy.


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