AAP And Congress Are Reluctant To Campaign But BJP Comes Strongly In Election: The attitude of the opposition. Reluctance to promote. As a result, the youth over 60 are practically getting a walkover in the electoral battle. There is no certainty of victory. Don’t want to leave any gaps in the campaign too. Bhupendra Bhai Patel is working from dawn to dusk. Modi is an average chief minister. And despite being young in age, the two rival candidates are Rajya Sabha MP Ameben Yagnik of Congress and Vijay Patel of Aam Aadmi Party. A journalist by profession. The chief minister of the state has only one thought. Patel community vote. AAP’s candidate also belongs to the Patel community. The difference between the first and second depends on how much share Patel gets in the vote. However, this time the Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah has decided to win the Chief Minister with a record vote. Bhupendrabhai Patel’s challenge is to protect the face of the Home Minister of the country.

Congress’ novel campaign with gas cylinder on the back of a bicycle.

Gloria Assembly consists of Ahmedabad city and rural areas adjacent to the city. If you leave Ahmedabad and go to the rural areas, you will know that the land here is barren. Farming is not like that. Basically business is the profession of voters here. There are also some small and medium industries. However, the education rate in the assembly constituency of the newly ex-chief minister is ahead of other assembly constituencies in the state. Public and private educational institutions have sprung up in urban and rural areas. Poverty is relatively low in Gatlodia as the education rate is high and business is the main occupation. And the additional emphasis that the Chief Minister has put on the development of his constituency is evident when he leaves the city and goes to the village. The dirt road is paved. The people of the village got houses under the housing scheme. Also paid most attention to work resources.

KK Nagar, Prabhat Gaon, and Gatlodia Gaon can be understood with a little visit. Newly emerging small and medium industries are emerging in the Chief Minister’s assembly constituency. Nishan Patel, a resident of Prabhat Gaon, proudly said that he did not have to go out of the village in search of work. Got a job in a cloth bag-making factory near Gambari. If Bhupendrabhai becomes the Chief Minister again, he thinks that the people of the area will be ‘golden sohaga’. Modiji (PM Narendra Modi), and Amit Shah are on the side. So there is no doubt that Bhupendrabhai will be the Chief Minister again if BJP comes to power. Praveen Thakur, Ramesh Patel, and Satish Khattariya of KK Nagar agree. Skyscraper hoardings with pictures of only Modi, Shah, Nadda, and Bhupendrabhai Patel all over Gloria.

Congress and AAP are far behind in campaigning. In fact, the opposition candidates in this center are far behind in terms of length compared to Bhupendrabhai Patel. Congress candidate Ameben Yagnik is a familiar face due to being a Rajya Sabha MP, but AAP’s Vijay Patel is an unknown face in the area. Some hoardings and posters are seen in support of the candidates, but the chief minister is nowhere close to campaigning. The other camp is also worried. Because 54 percent of this assembly constituency is the Patel community. As the Chief Minister himself belonged to the Patel community, there was no doubt about the victory. Unless the up candidate was also from the same community. Local BJP leader Ranveer Patel admitted that AAP’s Vijay Patel will divide their votes. In that case, it will be difficult to win the Chief Minister with a record vote margin as announced by Amit Shah, BJP leaders and workers think.

Meanwhile, Congress candidate Paresh Dhanani from the Amreli constituency was accused of influencing voters during polling on Thursday. Allegedly, he was traveling around with a gas cylinder attached to the back of his bicycle to influence the voters. The workers who were with him were also going from booth to booth on the back of a bicycle putting up posters on unemployment, price rise, corruption, Morbi bridge accident. As soon as the matter came to light, the BJP filed a complaint with the commission. After receiving the complaint, the commission ordered to the removal of the gas cylinder from the candidate’s bicycle. However, Paresh Dhanir claims that he has not committed any wrongdoing. According to him, Modi went to the booth with the burning problem of the era. People are not free from this problem on election day. Even today, gas has to be bought for Tk 1,000 during the polling. So he was riding around with a gas cylinder attached to the back of the bicycle. And the commission has not said anywhere that gas cylinders will not be blocked on the cycle on polling day.

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