Actor Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan has shared a video on social media. All the fans are shocked and upset after watching that video. Through the video, Aamir’s daughter is telling that she is struggling with depression. She has been fighting depression for the last four years. This video of Ira has gone viral on social media.

Aamir’s daughter in depression

Ira Khan, who has always played an active role on social media, has tried to do something different this time out of his comfort zone. On the occasion of Mental Health Day, he has shared the pain of his life with the whole world. They have told everything courageously. In the video, Ira is saying- Hello I am depressed. Since last four years. I am showing the doctor. I am better right now. For a long time, I wanted to do something on mental health. But I could not understand what to do. But now through this video, Ira is saying that she wants to take everyone to the journey of her life where she is fighting a battle against depression. At the end of the video, she leaves a question – I have everything then why am I depressed?

There are many reactions to this video of Ira Khan. Everyone is praising Ira’s courage. It is not easy to speak openly about your depression. But Ira has not only spoken but he also has no shame. They are hoping that everyone will understand the importance of mental health.

Troll ira on social media

By the way, Ira Khan recently shared a video of himself making tattoos. In the video, Ira is tattooing her trainer’s arm. With that video, Ira is telling that she can also become a tattoo artist. She is also seeing it as a career. But due to that video, Aamir Khan’s daughter had to be trolled. Some people have told it against Islam.



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