Bollywood actor Amir Khan does not like to talk about personal life much, while his daughter Ira Khan is very bold in this matter. She is seen to express herself openly about her relationship. After several speculations in media reports, Ira has recently revealed on his love life. She shared romantic photos for the first time with her boyfriend Nupur Shikre. With these pictures, he has also made love a reward. It is being told in media reports that these boyfriends of Ira have also been his father’s fitness coach.

In fact, recently Ira Khan has shared a post on his Instagram account. In which there are some pictures, in these photos, she is seen with her boyfriend Nupur Shikre. In pictures, Ira and Nupur are seen giving romantic poses, sometimes both of them are seen immersed in each other’s eyes and sometimes they are enjoying romantic lunches. At the same time, Ira is completely immersed in Nupur’s love. See photos shared by Ira Khan here

Sharing these photos, Ira wrote in the caption – ‘Making promises with you is a matter of respect’. Apart from this, Ira has also expressed his love through the hashtag #whaleyoubemine #myvalentine #buddy #yourebetteratcheesylines #dreamboy. There are many celebrities’ reactions to this post of Ira.

Nupur has also been seen sharing cute pictures of both of them before Ira. At the same time, according to a report of Pinkvilla regarding their relationship, the two came close to each other during the lockdown. Nupur has also been the fitness coach of Ira’s father i.e. Aamir Khan.


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