ISKCON temple in Bengaluru closed for 6 months from October 5

A Strange Ritual In The Name Of Virtue, Devotees Fight Over The Ants, Where, Bathing Is Allowed Only On This Day Of Champashashti At Kukke Subramanya Temple: Devotees placing Porlu Dundas Among those who observe this ritual, even those who have studied the highest education, place Porlu Dandas on the ants here.

Permission was granted for this Yedu Champa Shashti Edesnana Seva at Kukke Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple. Restrictions were imposed on this ceremony during Corona. Champashashti Jatara Mahotsav will be held in Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Constituency from November 21. The governing body has already completed all the arrangements to organize the Champashashti Jatara Mahotsav. On the day of Lakshadweep Deepotsavam, the temple authorities have revealed that those who perform procession services in the streets of Rathotsavam at night will be allowed from 5 pm to 6 am. So where is this dog Subramanyaswamy temple..? If you know what Champashashti is, you will be surprised. This is because the devotees put sticks on the ants in the seven-day bath. People here believe that by doing this, any skin diseases will disappear. Where is this strange custom that disgusts me when I hear it? Here’s how it goes…

This strange festival is held every year at Kukke Subramanya temple in Karnataka. Kukke Subramanya Temple is located in Sullia near Mangalore. Subramanya Swamy is worshiped here as the Naga deity. This holy temple is famous for the rituals of Sarpa Dosha Shanti. Devotees from all over the state come here on Tipuyam, the main festival day of this temple. Apart from Sarpadosha pooja, Ashlesha Bali Pooja, and Sarpa Sanskaram, two other major Sarpa Dosha poojas are also performed in this temple. Along with this, a strange ritual called seven baths is also performed. Champa Shashti celebration or Aedesnanala festival is celebrated at the end of November or the first week of December.

However, in the past, the government and temple authorities had stopped the festivities in the wake of the spread of the Corona epidemic. With the lifting of these seven covid restrictions and the reduction in the spread of the virus, seven baths were allowed. On the occasion of Champa Shashti Utsav, this time devotees were given the opportunity to bathe for three days. People take Eidsanam on Chauthi, Panchami, and Shashthi. That means it will be available for bathing here on November 27, 28, and 29. After Mahapuja in the afternoon devotees can participate in Eidsnana as per their wish. According to the orders of the District Collector, Eidsnana will be conducted in the presence of two scholars of Agama Shastra from the Department of Religion.

As for the actual matter. Here leaves are placed around the temple premises and offerings are made there. According to this custom, first, the Brahmins dine in vastarakas. They keep the leaves they have eaten. Dalits and tribals of the village come and put sticks on those leaves. It is believed that by doing this, their skin diseases will be reduced and their sins will be removed. Devotees placing Porlu Dandas Among those who observe this ritual, even those who have studied the highest education, place Porlu Dandas on the ants here. Many middle-class families, teachers, engineers, doctors, and lawyers follow this custom. However, some have approached the court over this strange practice. However, it is reported that the matter is currently pending in court.


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