A Sponsor Was Needed To Carry On The Studies, And He Took Over Four Years’ Worth Of Expenses: Allu Arjun’s Help To A Malayali Student: South Indian superstar Allu Arjun has offered to help Malayalee girl’s education. Allu Arjun has taken over the entire expenses of four years of nursing studies of the girl who is a native of Alappuzha whose father has died. All expenses including the hostel fee of the child will be borne by the actor himself.

Alappuzha District Collector Krishna Teja shared the information through his official Facebook page.

The collector says that the girl came to see him as the path to further studies was blocked after Plus Two and he decided to provide the necessary help to them as part of the ‘We Are for Alleppey’ project.


The girl said that she wants to become a nurse. A sponsor was needed to carry forward the four-year study. For that everyone’s favorite movie star Mr. Allu Arjun was called and told he would bear the entire tuition fee including hostel fees for four years, not for one year, the collector added in the Facebook post.

The full version of the Facebook post;

A few days ago a mole from Alappuzha came to see me. Despite passing with 92 percent marks in Plus Two, he came with the sadness of not being able to study. After this child’s father died due to covid in 2021, there were difficulties in his future life.

I could see hope and confidence in this mole’s eyes. So we have decided to ensure that this child gets the help he needs as part of the ‘We Are for Alleppey’ project.

Mol told me that she wanted to be a nurse. As the time to apply for the merit seat has passed, this mol should ensure further studies at least for the management seat. Contacted various colleges for that. Then he got a seat in St. Thomas Nursing College, Katana.

The second requirement was to have a sponsor to continue the four-year study. For that our all favorite movie star Mr. Allu called Arjun and as per what he heard he would take up the entire cost of study including hostel fees for four years instead of one year.

I myself went to college yesterday and added this mole. I am sure, this mole will study well and look after her mother and brother in the future and become a useful nurse for society.

The authorities of St. Thomas College, who have prepared the necessary help for this child’s studies, Mr. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported the Allu Arjun WER for Alleppey project,” the collector wrote on Facebook.


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