A Note On Arya Who Was Immersed In Corruption For The Party: ‘Loyalty To Those Who Gave Him The Chair’: For the past few days in the state, Thiruvananthapuram Corporation and Mayor Arya Rajendran have been in the media. Arya Rajendran’s letter to the CPM district secretary stating that there are vacancies in the temporary posts in the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation led to controversies. Anju Parvathy is exposing the corruption in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation and the interference of CPM District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan. She has come forward against Mayor Arya Rajendran and Anavoor Nagappan through her Facebook post.

The full form of the Facebook post.

Baby Mayor, what is so shocking after seeing the nepotism letter given to Comrade Nagappan and the capsules that came later? Is this the first scam by this Koch? The letter of recommendation to induct favored comrades is just one of countless ‘isolated’ scams perpetrated by this kid mayor in his two years in office.

This kid has proved that he is not a baby but a senior citizen in corruption within just two months of getting the mayor’s chair in December 2020. Goat Pongal was held in February 2021 during the Covid pandemic. ! The 21-year-old fraudster, who cheated the devotees in the yard of their own houses by extorting funds, eating porta and chicken, and pocketing the rest, earned her doctorate in fraud and embezzlement in two years. Attukal Pongala, when the ceremony was held only, the city of Thiruvananthapuram was cleaned, and the rent of one hundred and fifty lorries, the cost of garbage removal, which was not there, was written and fake vouchers were written and changed by lakhs. The next scam was by pretending to have spent maintenance insurance on stolen and missing corporation vehicles, followed by fraud in building tax and employment tax. The list goes on like this. A dialectical materialism that preaches against casteism and castes children into sports teams. In the meantime, pop up yourself, post a WhatsApp chat model, buy Pongal, then end up falling in love! And so the baby mayor who always likes to become a source of controversies.

This Koch is the only child mayor in the world who has been able to degenerate into the Mother of Hell from the title of City Mother. Harishree’s kid in ‘Total’ by feeding the sheep’s foot Pongala does this for the party. Even though there are seniority and deserving people in the party, how can that boy show his loyalty to the party that gave him the seat and to Nagappan who was at the helm? In Thiruvananthapuram city, Comrade Nagappan should think if he wants to get the job done. Contract appointments (i.e. cleaning jobs) in major government hospitals in the Thiruvananthapuram district are completely given to CPM party supporters or their daughters. And if you take the long list of appointments in all Anganwadis, teachers, and helpers to Asha workers in health centers, you can understand how much this red appointment is.

Currently, this Koch is the only answer to the question of who is most qualified to be the Chief Minister after Comrade Pinarayi. This Kochi has mastered so much corruption, cheating, and back-door appointments at such a young age. There’s no need to be jealous when the world’s youngest mayor and youngest corrupt woman are the same. This is the ability in the blood that Marx’s father said.

If today the party is shining all over the world because of Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan, then it has to be said that the reason behind this revolution is Maruti. No one doubts that both of them are shining! Ranging from corruption, fraud, and backdoors to digital signatures! And Maruti as the female voice of the narrator I know nothing.


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