Party President, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee passed resolution to make Rahul Gandhi with immediate effect

A New Beginning, Through Kharge, Congress president poll: Congress Central Election Authority Yarman Madhusudan Mistry Party A Election to the post of President Before announcing Lam 10 Nights in Delhi by Rjun Kharge Move to Jajimarg residence The flow of money had started. People also came to the Congress headquarters. Work in other parts of the state Voting news with interest Waiting for The whole party woke up. The result is at Shesham Kharge’s residence. Sasi Tharoor, the candidate against They have arrived – congratulations With rush.

But more remarkable than this is Sonia Gandhi’s move. Kharge with her daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra reached his residence and addressed him Congratulations, the best in history. So, who was the party chairman for a long time? Nia. Here’s what happens in the normal course: Rilla. Other leaders went to 10 Janpaths and Sonia It is common to see Ask Kharge for permission to visit. There are also reports of laughter. But, Sonia Pativu Lam rejected it. Arrive at Kharge’s residence It was. I will now report to the new president. My role in the Yumenun party is Kharge Thee Rumani and Rahul Gandhi clearly There is How important is Nehru-Gandhi Kudum? Bum has ordered this election. This incident shows that cash registers

For more than two decades Out of the Hru-Gandhi family, Kharge is the party president. Now the center of power is 10 kings. There should be a common understanding that Chinta Sonia and Rahul can see. A family rule in Congress Indra Modi’s repeated campaign Party in Kharge to register The one in front. He was a confidant of the Gandhi family. Kharge, who has worked in P Sitaram Kesari had to be moved by force. Do not repeat the same behavior. The High Command firmly believed in him. doing

He turned the broken Congress It is a historical mission to bring The one in front of Rge. A large section of leaders is also active. Bring back the lost hope Must come. Hike without any further thoughts The decision taken by Mand himself The problem of the party is that A joint program involving sewing leaders The behavior should be made possible. Priority given to party workers want He built the party from the ground up Because While trying to do this, the Gandhi family BJ is just a puppet in her hands. P’s allegation is unbelievable Should be able to. It is the entire support of the Gandhi family. Must be with.

BJP calls the party president a mere puppet Congress JP to face the charge. Nadda is being used as a weapon. Modi and Amit Shah say the same. T followed Nadda leading Par What is wrong with criticizing T Kharge? The question is the meaning. There is no voter’s list or contest. Congress has chosen Nadda Leaders who are supportive. Even then, Modi’s idea of ​​family rule Ruppupchit is standing. That should be neutralized.

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections Tupu has been declared. This year he chose himself for Gujarat. There is a top. A very important law Bha elections are next Sham is about to take place. Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Mizoram, Tripura, Naga Land, State of Meghalaya There is an election among them. Before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJ tested the power of PU and Congress at The polls. If all these results in defeat Kharge’s leadership will be questioned. Rahul Gandhi should be the President Shyam will rise again. Things have come to this Tu leaders should stand with Kharge. The bottom line, politics will not save you.

Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are ruled by Congress. Positions. In Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka BJP wrested power from Congress That’s it. Check out the best of these four places. What will Congress do? Else the Lok Sabha elections will be held. Cost to Kumbol and other counterparties The party can’t even sweat. Vishwa will win the elections and Bring the party back to reality Ran Kharge’s leadership should From an extraordinary crash. Rtti has to come back. It requires extraordinary moves. and It starts with Khargei What does the Congress say?


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