A Mother With Health Problems Brought It Saying, I Will Look Like Gold: Tarun Murthy On Finding Devi Verma: Tarun Murthy’s Saudi Vellakka continues in theaters with great reviews. It was Devi Verma who played the central character Ayesha Rauthar who touched the hearts of the audience the most. Tarun Murthy talks about choosing Devi Verma for the film. In an interview with Samaam Malayalam, Tarun said that this film would have happened even if a person of stardom was made up and presented, but to correct the preconceived notions of the audience, an inexperienced person was cast.

Devi Verma was found for the role of mother Ayesha Rauthar through a friend’s WhatsApp status. Later, when he came home and saw it in person, he confirmed it. Mother is 87 years old with health problems. However, he made a part of the Saudi white collar by saying, ‘Let’s make a movie, mother just needs to come, I’ll look at it like gold.

At a time when the problem of covid is acute, Amma is coming to act in the film. Amma really became the ‘hero’ of our film. That election helped a lot to correct people’s preconceived notions. It helped a lot in keeping the storyline and the audience from getting an idea of ​​what the next scene is going to be.


Maybe this movie will happen even if it is made up and played by someone with star value. But the audience will first wonder what will happen at the end of the story. Tried to break it. The surprise element that I kept for the audience was the character of Ayeshamma and Sujith Shankar as her son Satara. The audience wanted to see it directly in the theater. Sujith Shankar is a theater artist. He is a true artist who can transform and build on any version.

It is very gratifying to get a good response from all over since the first exhibition of Saudi Whitefish. I was really looking forward to getting this kind of response. My heart is filled with joy when I hear that Saudi White is on the chest of the audience, they laughed, they were happy, he cried. Our audience always welcomes good movies with open arms.


The audience did not know me at all while preparing for Operation Java. Lookman and Balu Varghese, who acted in it, are not the protagonists. The audience was able to enjoy the good view and experience that day. If Java was a thriller, Saudi Vellaka has created a completely different emotional background. Through the film, the audience was given laughter, sadness, and a happy experience at the climax,’ said Tarun.


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