CBI files case against two companies for defrauding banks, raids at eight places

A Major Twist In The Case Of A Living Together Partner Chopped Into 35 Pieces And Hidden In Various Parts Of The City: The Master Plan For The Murder, The Internet, And The American Crime Series That Helped Destroy All The Evidence;  This Friend Helped Catch Boyfriend Aftab Amin Poonawala A huge murder happened when people who lived together got into a fight. After a quarrel, Aftab killed his spouse and cut her into 35 pieces, and left her in various places in the city. The police have already decided what to do in case of murder. Shocking details of the murder that happened months ago came out yesterday.

The murder took place on May 18 in Delhi. Shraddha (28), a call center employee of a multinational company in Mumbai, was tragically killed. Aftab Amin Poonawala, Shraddha’s accomplice in the incident, was arrested in Delhi last Saturday. He has been sent to police custody for five days.

During interrogation by Delhi Police, Aftab Amin Poonawala admitted that he had studied and understood human anatomy well before the murder. Moreover, it has been proven that he had learned how to clean the blood by looking it up on Google before the murder. Aftab was a fan of the American crime series Dexter.

Anatomy was studied to know how to cut the human body. He also watched some other crime serials regularly. Aftab chopped his living together partner into 35 pieces and left them in different places for forcing her to marry him.

Shraddha meets Aftab while working at a call center. Later both fell in love and started living together. But when Shraddha’s parents were against the relationship, both of them ran away to Delhi and started living in a flat in Mehrauli.

Meanwhile, on May 18, there was a fight between the two and Aftab strangled the woman to death. Later, the woman’s body was cut into 35 pieces. Bought a fridge and kept it. Then in the next eighteen days, he came out at 2 am and left the body parts in different places in Delhi.

Aftab Amin Poonawalla has been arrested for strangling his partner Shraddha. Now the police are getting information that Aftab was constantly harassing Shraddha. Shraddha’s friend Laxman Nadar said that there used to be many fights and arguments between Aftab and Shraddha.

Shraddha sent a message on WhatsApp asking him to come home and rescue him. Shraddha then said that she would be killed if she stayed with Aftab. Then he along with some other friends came to his house in Chhatarpur and rescued Shraddha. Laxman said Shraddha did not approach the police because of her love for Aftab.

But the past two months have not been associated with Shraddha. Then some friends were asked about Shraddha. But no one received any information. Then he informed about this Shraddha’s brother. Laxman said that Shraddha’s parents approached the police after she gave the information.

Shraddha has been missing since September. Then the family filed a police complaint. The shocking murder information came out during the investigation conducted after this.

Aftab and Shraddha eloped to Delhi after their parents objected to them living together. When Shraddha started pressuring Aftab for marriage, the problems between the two worsened. It was this fight that resulted in the murder.


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