A Demon In The Form Of A Lover, Fight For Marriage, Killed The Girlfriend In The Worst Way, And Cut Her Into 35 Pieces: Shraddha kept the body pieces in the fridge. For 18 days he threw Shraddha’s body pieces one by one in the forests of Mehrauli. Aftab kept the pieces of Shraddha’s body in a bag every night.

The friendship between a young man and a young woman at a call center in Mumbai later turned into love. The love was so deep that they ran away to Delhi after their family members stopped their love. Yes, they both liked it. But one day there was a quarrel about marriage. This made the young man uncontrollably angry. He immediately killed the young woman and cut the body into 35 pieces. This is not a movie story but it happened in real life. This sensational murder case came to light in Delhi’s Mehrauli area. This murder happened 6 months ago. Police have arrested the accused youth in this case. The young man’s name is Aftab. The love story started in the magical city of Mumbai.. While working in a call center, Aftab met a girl named Shraddha. Both became friends.. gradually their friendship turned into love. But due to the separation of religions, the family members opposed their love. Both fled to Delhi.

According to the police, in November, Shraddha’s father lodged a complaint at the Mehrauli Police Station in Delhi that his daughter had been kidnapped. In the FIR, Shraddha’s father stated that his daughter works in a call center in Mumbai, where she came in contact with a man named Aftab. He brought his daughter to Delhi in the name of love.

Opposition from family members: Shraddha and Aftab left Mumbai and came to Delhi and started living here in the Chhatarpur area. The father used to see the daughter’s photos through social media. But since there was no update on social media for many days, the father, who was worried about his daughter, tried to contact her. However, Shraddha’s phone could not be contacted. Concerned about his daughter, the father reached the flat in the Chhatarpur area where his daughter lives and inquired about Shraddha. But the father did not know any information about his daughter there. Moreover, as the gate of the house was locked, he informed the police.

In the month of May, a case was registered on the complaint of Shraddha’s father, and an investigation started. Police started searching for Aftab with the help of informers and technical surveillance. After that, Aftab was arrested on the basis of secret information. During the police investigation, the accused said that there were frequent fights between them. Shraddha was putting pressure on her for marriage. Fed up with this, he brutally murdered Shraddha in the month of May and cut the body into pieces, and dumped it in different parts of the forest. The accused Aftab has been detained by the police.

According to police sources, on May 18, there was a fight between accused Aftab and Shraddha. As Shraddha screamed in this fight, the people around could not hear her voice. Accused Aftab pressed Shraddha’s mouth. Then Shraddha died without breathing. Shocked by this, Aftab thought about how to get rid of the dead body. Shraddha cut the dead body into 35 pieces with a saw.

A lover who kept throwing body parts in the forest for 18 days:

Aftab bought a big fridge from the market. Shraddha kept the pieces of the body in that fridge. For 18 days he threw Shraddha’s body pieces one by one in the forests of Mehrauli. Aftab kept the pieces of Shraddha’s body in a bag every night. He used to go to the woods and throw pieces from the bag there. Aftab told shocking things during police interrogation that he thought he would not be caught so that the animals would eat the pieces of her dead body.


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