Qatar World Cup 2022: Star Footballers Who Have Been Ruled Out Of Qatar World Cup By Injuries

FIFA World Cup: Neymar May Play Against South Korea: What could be bigger news for Brazilians right now? Neymar didn’t just practice with the ball, he also scored goals. Naturally, Neymar is expected to be in the squad against South Korea in Monday’s pre-quarter-final. However, the Brazil coach could not decide whether to play from the beginning or enter the field later if necessary. Said, will see Neymar in practice again on Sunday afternoon and will make the final eleven against South Korea. However, the Brazilian fans regained relief when Neymar scored a goal in practice that day.

After nine days of rest, Neymar finally returned to practice with the ball. However, coach Tite did not allow the press to see the practice of the Brazilian star. However, it didn’t take long for news of insider practices to come out. As far as the source of the team knows, in the beginning, Neymar practiced with a separate ball instead of with the other footballers on the team. Along with another footballer left-back Alex Sandro who is on the injury list. He also practices separately with the ball just like Neymar. Danilo is in a slightly better position. He has been practicing with the other footballers on the team since the beginning. However, as injuries are increasing day by day in the team, they have increased the level of closed-door practices against nature so that the media cannot understand who they are thinking of replacing the injured footballers by watching the practice. After coming to Doha (Doha), the Brazilian coach suddenly started hiding from the media.

Despite closed-door training, Neymar was getting off the team bus with Vinicius Jr. And then the news that comes to the Brazilian media from inside, it is known that he started practicing with the ball. Shortly after that, it was known that Tite was playing matches with fewer footballers in a small space. Neymar started having fun with his teammates by scoring a goal. As news of Neymar’s goal broke in practice nine days later, the waiting Brazilian fans outside the camp went wild. But even so, Tite did not make it clear whether he will play against South Korea from the beginning of the match or not.

The Brazilian star striker has been doing physiotherapy in the team hotel for nine days without practicing with the ball. Neymar did not leave the team hotel while other footballers on the injury list went to the field for practice on Saturday. He was rather busy practicing in the hotel gym. Then at night the team went to the bus and watched the team play at Lucelle. After the defeat against Cameroon, when the footballers are mentally broken, he also consoles the footballers by entering the field. Seeing his walk in the field, everyone felt that the injury is now much fixed. But on this day, Brazil’s team management did not announce any final decision about Neymar. It is not known whether he can play against South Korea or not. It is only known that he started practicing with the ball. And also scored. And he didn’t seem injured anywhere in practice.

A Brazil source, however, says Tite does not want to risk playing Neymar from the start against South Korea in order to get a fully fit Neymar. Can’t even take the risk of keeping Neymar in the knockout match. In that case, Tite may not keep Neymar in the first team and keep him on the reserve bench on Monday. Then take it down if necessary. And if we win the match without Neymar, we can give a little more rest to the injured area. So that he can enter the field fully recovered in the quarter-finals.

But for now, what is being heard, the Brazilian coach has thought of a first eleven against South Korea, thinking of Neymar. The team he is going to line up against South Korea is like-goal Alisson. Four defenders – Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Alex Sandro. If Sandro can’t, Milita will play at left-back or Dani Alvez. Three are two midfielders – Casemiro and Paqueta. Four in attack – Rafinha, Richarlison, Vinicius Junior and Neymar. If Neymar can’t do it alone, then Fred or Rodrigo.

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