Karthika Deepam 9 Nov Today Episode: Karthik Shocked Monita, Will Deepe Leave Monita As His Wife? Will He Leave With Deepa?: The latest episode of the Karthika Deepam serial has been released recently. Now let’s see the highlights of today 9th November 2022, Wednesday episode 1505. Shaurya asks Indra and Chandramamma why they didn’t tell the priest the names of our maternal grandparents. Now if you tell the priest about your maternal grandparents, he will ask who they are. Moreover.. the whole story has to be told. Also, your grandmother and grandfather are also looking for you. Again, if they find out about us, they will take you away. He says that’s why he didn’t say it. After that Shaurya asks when are we going to Sangareddy. Indra says why? Shaurya says what.. we thought we should go to look for mom. So yes.. let’s go. Just came here. Everything should be arranged. Indra tells Shaurya how to get used to the village.

On the other hand, Monita wants to settle things with Deepa today. She goes to her house but there is no lamp there. The doors of the house are removed. Meanwhile, Durga comes. He asks what gold.. what are you doing here. She says she came for Deepa. Deepa says at home or. Durga says that both of them might be walking around with a stick. They both went together. If you want, see that both of them will come to meet now. He says you better watch your way. With this, Normoy.. they will never meet. Even now they do not come together. Monita says Deepa will come only and watch. Meanwhile, both Karthik and Deepa come in the car. Karthik says he came to the house and the doors are open.. Has anyone entered the house? Dr. Babu says to Deepa that Durga will come with this.

Meanwhile, Monita is shocked to see Karthik and Deepa coming together. Durga says what happened. What’s wrong Karthik sir? There is no one in Deepa’s house. She brought me here to sit there and talk. Anna said that I am not. Deepamma will come. Meanwhile, Durga escapes from there saying that you have come.

Isn’t that house enough for you, Monita? Will there be staff there? Karthik says why did you come here. Stop it Karthik. Monica says I have come to solve your problem. Before this, tell me about yourself. She asks what are you both doing here?

Dr. Babu.. Now I have no patience to argue about anything. Deepa says take Monita and go. He used to look after the boutique business till now. Now leave that business and take care of this business. Monita asks where are you coming from now.

Karthika Deepam 9 Nov Today Episode: Karthik is serious with Monita who has caught whom

It is holding you and hanging.. says Monita furiously. With this, Normoy.. who caught whom. Who is holding who is not hanging here? Karthik takes Monita away saying that if Vanalakka is suffering looking for her children, that’s all I have helped her with.

Looking at Karthik’s words, it seems that what Durga Gadu said is true. Does Karthik remember the past? Or? Monica thinks. After that, Karthik takes Monita. After that Shaurya is crying holding her photo.

On the other hand, both Ananda Rao and Hima go to the hotel together. Lakshman appears there. Hima asks if Anand’s brother has come. He says Ladamma is with Monita. Then you go Lakshman says, Ananda Rao. Hima says, “What grandfather.. If you want to bring Anand home, you don’t want to.”

What kind of grandfather are you.. let him bring Anand.. Shaurya won’t come here. Ok.. Let’s go to Monita and bring Anand, says Ananda Rao. On the other hand, Karthik goes to the room and checks her clothes. Monica looks at her purse.

There is a lot of money in it. She wonders where Karthik got so much money.. Meanwhile, Karthik comes there and asks Monita what are you doing. So we need money for ginger garlic paste. She says I saw if you have changed.

Monita asks where did you get so much money? Karthik thinks that Monita has doubts. I am a great doctor. Karthik says that is the money he got from the surgeries. This shocks Monita. Karthik says I have pledged my chain.

Meanwhile, Durga comes there.. Monita asks Durga how is this chain. Monica asks me why. Durga says that when you give a gift, you should also tell how it is. Karthik says that it is not in my neck.. It is in the neck of those you like. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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