No Childhood: Is That Fun? What Are The Games? Childhood Is A Hostage With Smart Phone: Games, fun.. the feeling of childhood.. if you look back on life, there are many feelings.. all of them once. now they are not visible. Games are only games on smartphones. Once upon a time, one would sweat profusely and get healthy. But now they are sitting on beds, chairs, and sofas in AC rooms and playing. From generation to generation, we consider games as a wonderful tool for physical fitness and mental enjoyment. Our people used to play different kinds of games. When the holidays came, they used to go to grandma’s house and aunt’s house and play comfortably. But now they are not visible.

Vaikuntha Pali, Gotibilla, Bilangodu, Gilli Danda, Chilla Katte.. many games like this. Now, this is not visible, there is no physical activity. Only Kabaddi, Cricket, Hockey, and Badminton are seen. Kothi Komachchi, Robber Police, Nela-Banda, Tamilnadu Billa, Doll Wedding, and the like have disappeared. Youth who are immersed in social media, videos, and internet games are losing many childhood memories. If young children are spending more than 3 hours on their smartphones, then you can understand how the situation has developed.

Three-year-old children have become addicted to smartphones. Babies under the age of two will start crying if the phone is taken from their hands. The covid epidemic has severely damaged the education of children. All of them have become addicted to smartphones. Due to online classes, parents inevitably have to hand over smartphones to their children. Psychologists say that the habit of using smartphones will have a serious impact on children’s health, even if Covid leaves us.

Gogolola if you don’t want a phone


A survey organization collected opinions from 65 thousand of citizens from 287 districts across the country. Children in the age group of 9-13 years spend more than 3 hours on their smartphones. Their eyes are fixed on smartphones. 44 percent of children in the age group of 13-17 years are addicted to smartphones. It can be understood how the situation has changed if 62 percent expressed their opinion that children spend more than three hours on social media, videos, and internet games.

While Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc. are allowed to create accounts, even children under the age of ten are opening accounts of wrong age. The organizations are not taking preventive measures against these. Due to this, they are addicted to the phone and are facing mental illness problems. 68 percent of people are of the opinion that this age limit should be increased to 15 years. Don’t give them social media accounts without parental supervision. But that is not happening.

The rules are being pushed aside and accounts are being opened everywhere for Rajini’s children. As the parents are employees and traders, there is no ajamayis on them. 13 percent of people give smart phones to relieve stress. It seems that 26 percent people have become accustomed to school programs being online. 31 percent of children are clinging to smart phones due to the fact that parents are using gadgets more and more. Children are quickly attracted to the new phones that come in the market. They put pressure on parents and buy new gadgets. Psychologists express concern that if the situation continues like this, there is a risk of childhood becoming captive to smart phones and disappearing happily.



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