Around 8,000 Indian prisoners are lodged in different jails in 82 countries around the world. This information has been given by the Ministry of External Affairs in the Parliament. Of them, 4058 prisoners are lodged in six Gulf countries. These countries Indians traditionally come for better employment opportunities. According to the MEA, 267 Indian prisoners are lodged in the US and 373 in the UK. There are more than 100 Indians in jails in eleven countries.

Saudi Arabia has the highest number of offenders, with 1570 prisoners. It is followed by the United Arab Emirates, which houses 1292 Indian prisoners. According to Foreign Ministry records, there are 460 Indians in Kuwait, 439 in Qatar, 178 in Bahrain, 70 in Iran and 49 in Oman.

Apart from this, maximum are Nepal (886), followed by Pakistan (524), China (157), Bangladesh (123), Bhutan (91), Sri Lanka (67) and Myanmar (65). Interestingly, according to the MEA, there are no Indian prisoners in Afghanistan. There are 409 Indian prisoners in Malaysia, 71 in Singapore. There are 41 Indians in the Philippines, while Thailand has 23 and Indonesia 20 in their jails.

There are 62 cases of Indians in jails in Australia, while there are 23 prisoners in Canada and Cyprus. There are 35 prisoners in France, 22 in Greece, 24 in the Maldives and 49 in Spain.

Replying to a question, the ministry said that Indian missions / posts abroad “remain vigilant and closely monitor” the imprisonment of Indian nationals abroad for violations of local laws or alleged violations of local laws. There have been incidents of

The Ministry of External Affairs stated that apart from providing all possible consular assistance to the jailed inmates, Indian Missions and Posts also provide legal assistance as and when required. The Mission and Post also maintain a local panel of lawyers where the Indian community is in large numbers.


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