Violation of the policy of two children in China was overshadowed by a couple and they had to pay millions of rupees in return. Actually, this two-child policy of China allows couples to have only two children. But a Chinese couple violated this law and gave birth to seven children, so that they would never have to live alone. But his exploits inflicted heavy financial losses on him.

The couple had to pay $ 155,000 (more than one crore rupees) as social support fee to the government to go against the rules and give birth to so many children. Failing to do so, their additional children could not obtain government identification documents.

According to news from the South China Morning Post, 34-year-old Chinese businessman Zhang Rongrong and her 39-year-old husband have five boys and two girls. These children are between one and 14 years of age. The couple had to pay according to the SCMP if they had more than two children. Zhang runs skincare, jewelry and apparel companies in southeast China’s Guangdong province. Zhang quoted the Post as saying that she took this step because she wanted many children so that they would never have to be alone.

According to Zhang, the last child told to the seventh child , when my husband is away on trips and older children also go away to study, my other children are still around me. It doesn’t make me feel lonely. I thought that when I get older my children can see me in different batches. She told the Post that her seventh child would be her last child as her husband underwent vasectomy in 2019.

China ended a child policy in 2015 China ended
its one-child policy in 2015 after 36 years. This policy was initiated in 1979 to slow down the country’s population growth and it may have done little work. Even though families are now allowed to have two children, many families are still preferring to have only one child or without children. This is often because the upbringing of children incurs high costs.

The sharp decline in the birth rate of the country may
tell that China has abolished a child policy in 2015, but after a brief increase in 2016, China’s birth rate has steadily declined. In 2019 it fell to 10.48 births per 1,000 people, its lowest level in 70 years.


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