Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Ram Sundar Kumar has said that 534 amines will be restored in the state by March. After this, problems due to lack of amines will be solved. The restored Amin will work in the state, including land measuring, surveying.

In response to the starred question of Kundan Kumar on Thursday, the Revenue Minister in the Assembly said that due to permanent appointment there is no need to reinstate the contract. After the restoration of the Amin, not only Begusarai but also its district will be deficient. In response to the starred question of Kumar Shailendra, the minister said that the lighter employee has to remain in the Zonal Office or Panchayat Sarkar Bhavan. If there is any such complaint in any district, then give written notice of it. Action has been taken in Muzaffarpur and Gaya.

Some members said that the revenue workers are getting work done through the brokers. To this, the Minister said that this is a serious matter and will not be tolerated. Lack of revenue staff does not mean that they work from home. By the way, the government will also reinstate the revenue staff by June. Its process is going on in Bihar Staff Selection Commission. After this, the problems of revenue staff will be solved across the state.


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