The occupiers of class four and class three land in the state will be given landholding rights on the basis of 2004 circle rate. The recommendation of the cabinet sub-committee was discussed in the cabinet on Wednesday. It was decided that it would get ownership on the basis of 2004 circle rate by deciding four different categories. 40 thousand families in the state will get the benefit of this decision of the cabinet.

Government spokesman Kaushik said that such occupiers in the state who held the land of class four and class three before June 30, 1983, will get these rights. Illegal occupiers of class 4 land and duly lease holders of class 3 land, possession holders will get the right to landholding. Within a period of one year of being a GO, such families will be able to process the ownership. 

In the past, there were previous mandates on July 18, 2016 and July 22, 2016, regarding the right to land rights in both categories. The people were given time to acquire the landholding rights within a year. However in subsequent years the time was extended to one year each. The deadline for grant of bhumadhari rights has expired on 25 February 2020. It was decided in the cabinet to increase this limit and give the land rights. 

They will not get landholding rights: The cabinet made it clear that under section 132, landownership rights will not be given to such occupiers, who occupy river-class land, government land, Krabistan, cremation land.

This created formula for
100 square meters of land will have to be charged as five percent of the total circle rate of the year 2004,
from 101 to 200 square meters, 100 percent of the total circle rate of the year 2004
to 400 square meters from 2004 to the total circle rate of 110 percent. Charges will have to be paid
on land of more than 400 square meters as a fee of 125 percent of the 2004 circle rate.

Class four land is
arable land which consists of tenants as well as illegal occupants.

The land of class three is
covered under Section 132 of Chakmarg, Gool, barn, cemetery, pasture land, which is in the possession of only legitimate lease holders.


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