376 D Film: Man Sexual Harassment Courtroom Drama Deeksha Joshi Jayeshbhai Jordaar

A film in the digital platform ShemarooMe Box Office is going to be released this week in which Marda Dard will be seen for the first time. Actually, the story of the film is about a boy who gets sexually assaulted. He goes to court to plead for justice and the film ‘376D’ is based on the same issue.

The lead role playing this actress is playing the lead role in  this film, Deeksha Joshi, who is a big name of Gujarati film Indsdri. The special thing is that Diksha was going to make her Bollywood debut this year with actor Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Jayesh Bhai Vigorous’, but now her Bollywood debut is being made with this film. Deeksha Joshi is not only making Bollywood debut with the film ‘376D’, but is also making her digital debut with this film.

While talking to Aaj Tak, Deeksha Joshi spoke openly on every issue related to the film ‘376D’ and told how the film ‘Jayesh Bhai Empower’ is having difficulty in releasing this year.

The film is inspired by real life, says Deeksha Joshi, ‘Our film breaks the illusion that has been going on for centuries, in which it was said that the man never hurts, the man should not cry and he is independent in every way. Whether day or night, boys can come somewhere, so I am a character in this film, Sanju has become his girlfriend and in our story, a case comes in the court whose arrival, our justice system is completely shaken. goes. One more thing that I want to tell you is that the film is inspired by the real incident, so I think the boys must watch this film.

Talking about the Yash Raj banner and Ranveer Singh starrer film ‘Jayesh Bhai Empower’ shooting of Jayesh Bhai Empower, Deeksha Joshi says, “Yes it is true that I am film actor Ranveer Singh’s film” Jayesh Bhai Empower ‘I was going to make my Bollywood debut and the shooting of the film has also been completed but due to Corona, I don’t think that film will be released this year because being a big budget film, it cannot be released on the digital platform. . ‘ 


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