These days a shocking video is going viral on Facebook. Actually this video is of a wild sheep. A sheep whose wool has not been removed from the body for 5 years and it looks like a bunch of wool. In the video, some people are seen extracting wool from his body, after which he got the full 35 kg wool.

Actually, this sheep named Barak was wandering in the jungles of Australia when it was rescued. Melbourne’s Animal Rescue Century says the sheep were wandering in the forests of the state of Victoria. His cries were so high and hardened by the mud that the sheep was having a lot of trouble. This sheep was saved and taken to the century. Pam Ahearn, founder of Mission Form Century, said- ‘I could not believe that there is a living sheep under the whole fleece.’

It is being said that due to so much wool, the sheep could not even walk properly. If his wool had not been cut, he might have died in the coming summer. Sheep wool is looking better and cut since it was cut. This video of sheep has been seen by millions on social media.


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