3000 To 20000 Per Hour: Along With Growing Kochi, Women’s Trade Is Also Booming: After a girl was molested inside a moving car in the city, an investigation conducted by Metro news revealed shocking information. It has been found that a huge racket of delivering young women to the needy is operating in the hotels within the metro stations from Aluva to Vyatila. From big hotels to small hotels, middlemen are active in providing girls to the needy.

It has been found that modeling girls are encouraged to engage in such transactions by cheating and threatening them. For now we can call the girl whose information has changed hands as Anushree. The girl is a receptionist at a prominent massage center in Kochi. A girl from a poor family with a post-graduate degree in micro-biotechnology fell into their trap after seeing a Facebook ad. He saw that there was a job vacancy for a receptionist and applied. It is only after working here that one realizes that what is actually going on there is not massaging, but the transactions of a sex trafficking gang.


But he says that he is not forced into anything and has no complaints. They say that Sona’s story is different from this, that she came as a receptionist but later started taking the service with the understanding that she could make money quickly, and through this, she is earning around one lakh rupees a month, and they are preparing things to go to Canada. The parents of this girl who passed MBA Aviation are abroad. There is no truth or disappointment in saying that they started making money in this way because they did not send money.

A gang is also working in Kochi to trap girls from various colleges in the city under the guise of modeling. Information has also been received that a prominent photographer is also a participant in this. Under the guise of modeling, they are being exploited in a big way. They also point out that once you join the gang, it is difficult to get back. Another sad fact is that even when they charge up to 20000 rupees per night, they get less than 10000 rupees.

It should be understood that the policemen who are supposed to follow the law are conniving with them. Drug trafficking is also carried out using girls who are gang members. In the past few years, information has been received that trafficking in women is also taking place under the leadership of a spa owner operating in Kakanad region. As Kochi develops, women trafficking rackets and Lahirasanghs are developing their business methods and strategies.

Finding customers through new media

Clients are found using Locanro, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, dating sites, etc. Often there is a practice of creating fake profiles on Instagram and WhatsApp and inviting customers to chat. Phone number and photos will change hands after confirming the transaction through chat.


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