Millions of people due to corona in the country became unemployed. A large number of companies fired people during the lockdown. Now the situation is getting better than before. But the situation of jobs is not improving much. Aziz Premji University in one of its research found that even though the lockdown was removed from the country, between October and December, about 22 percent of the women were out of the job. About 70 percent of the men and women lost jobs during the lockdown. In the case of recovery, only 15 percent of the men stayed out of the job between October and December.

For the economic growth, attention will have to be given to women’s health and safety

Women working in the informal sector are also responsible for their shift. If 22 percent of the women still have not got any new jobs, then it is clear that the recovery rate of women is slower than men. The survey said that fewer women were able to find jobs again than men. 17 per cent of women working in the informal sector failed to recover any money after leaving the job. While 11 percent of the men did not receive any money.

Budget 2021 -22: Government will have to provide additional funds and incentives to agriculture sector

Demand for ‘MNREGA’ increased in cities too

Urban life has been affected the most since the lockdown. The survey said that, ’98 per cent said that if they get more work, they would like to complete it. While 67 percent of the people surveyed were in favor of starting a scheme like NREGA in cities. According to the survey, 27 percent of the people living in urban India are still out of a job. While only 14 percent of the people in rural India are still vacant after losing their jobs.


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