Balakot air strike is ointment on the pain of terrorist attack in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. On this day, the brave soldiers of the Indian Air Force had penetrated into the Pakistani soil and wiped out the terrorists and Pakistan had not even realized it. Today, ie on 26 February, two years of that Balakot air strike was completed, when the Indian Air Force entered Pakistan and destroyed the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist base and bombed it. After the Pulwama terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir on 14 February, India took revenge on the late night of 26 February and demolished Jaish’s terrorist camp located in Balakot, Pakistan. In this air strike of the Indian Air Force, more than 250 terrorists of Jaish were killed.

Actually, the Balakot air strike in Pakistan was a revenge for the Pulwama terror attack. On 14 February, the CRPF convoy was passing on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway. Just like normal day, the convoy of CRPF vehicles was going to its tune that day. Just then a car coming from the other side of the road hit the vehicle running with this convoy. This was accompanied by a tremendous explosion. This suicide attack was so great that around 42 CRPF personnel were killed on the spot. The Pulwama terror attack created anger across the country.

All were shocked by the Pulwama terror attack. Everyone wanted to avenge this from the terrorists. The government also attacked the terrorist camp located in Balakot, Pakistan on February 26, 12 days later to avenge the martyrdom of the martyrs of Pulwama. The government chose the Indian Air Force to avenge the Pulwama attack. The Indian Air Force started a bombardment from the skies in Balakot in the early hours of 26 February. In this air strike of the Indian Air Force, Jaish not only destroyed the terrorist hideouts, but also killed more than 250 terrorists.

In response to the Pulwama attack, when Indian Air Force fighter aircraft were bombing Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terrorist hideouts in Balakot, Pakistan in the early hours of 26 February, the people who were sleeping there in deep sleep felt as if the fire had started. According to eyewitnesses, the attack by the Indian Air Force was quite frightening. It was felt that the earthquake was shaking the ground due to the strong tremors. Mohammad Adil, a resident of Jaba Top of Balakot, had said, ‘It was around three in the morning. A very creepy sound came from outside. It seemed like a fire has come. We all got up and sat down in a jolt. Five to ten minutes later, the bomb explodes. After this, we were not able to sleep overnight. Every moment, this fear was persisting that no other bomb would fall. ‘

The mission was completed in 90 seconds on
behalf of the Indian Air Force (IAF) at the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) terrorist camp in Balakot, Pakistan. The kind of secret that was kept can be gauged from the fact that even the family members of the pilot who did it did not know anything about it. A pilot of the Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft used for the first time in such an Indian Air Force attack reported that “it was completed in 90 seconds, we threw the bomb and returned.” Whereas, on the condition of anonymity, another Indian Air Force pilot said, “Nobody knew it, even my family members did not know.”

Balakot Airstrike was codenamed ‘Operation Bandar’
after the terrorist attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir on February 14, the Indian Air Force entered into an air strike in Balakot, Pakistan. The hideouts of the terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot were demolished and codenamed ‘Operation Bandar’ to maintain its secrecy. 12 Mirage fighters were sent for this military operation of the Air Force. The Balakot operation was given the codename ‘Operation Bandar’ to maintain confidentiality and to ensure that the plan information was not made public.

Why was this codename kept? Not disclosing any specific reason behind this, sources had said that monkeys have always had a special place in the war in India. Lord Hanuman, the commander of Lord Rama, sneaks into Lanka secretly and destroys the mighty Ravana’s entire empire.

12 Mirage Aircraft Fired Missiles: On 26 February, 12 Mirage Aircraft flew missiles at the Jaish terrorist base in the city of Balakot. Balakot falls in the Khyber Pakhtunwa province of Pak.


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