American tick-talk star Dezharia Shaffer has said goodbye to this world, committing suicide. Famous Dezharia was just 18 years old as Bxbygirlldee and Dee on social media. Dezharia’s death has deeply shocked his fans and family, while the police have started investigating the case.

Let us know that three days before his death, Dejharia had also shared some stories on Instagram by the name of ‘Last Post’. On one of the videos in these stories, Dezharia wrote, “I know, I am disturbing all of you and this is my last post.” Please tell that Dejharia’s fan following was very good. While he had around 1.4 million followers on Tick Talk, on the other hand, there was no shortage of fans on Instagram and YouTube. According to media reports, Dejharia said on Monday that Tick Talk blocked him and he was not given any information.

dazhariaa shaffer

On the death of the daughter, Dezharia’s father Joseph said, ‘She was my good friend and I was not ready to say goodbye to her. He should have talked to me about his problems. We could definitely do something about that. Now when I come home, she will not be waiting for me there. I thank all those who loved and supported my daughter. ‘ Apart from father Joseph, Dezharia’s mother said, ‘I really can’t believe it, I was waiting to hear that it was a prank, but it is not. God bless my angel’s soul, everyone is talking about our bad times but no one is talking about our good times. ‘


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