174 million years old fossil found in Sonbhadra, geologist said big thing, then there was no life on earth

Sonbhadra: In Dala of Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh, a ‘G’ team of three-member scientists reached Dala to do research in the already mining area located in Badi. The team of scientists had arrived to search for the possibility of fossils in Dala. Now the matter of fossil is about 174 million years old. Before this, the world’s oldest and largest fossil has been found in Salkhan. After this, the second number is considered to be the American fossil.

The fossil
geologist Mukund Sharma, who is 174 million years old , said that Dalia has found fossils older than Salkhan in the hills of Badi. Falkils of Salkhan are about 160 million years old. At the same time, fossils found in Dala Badi are about 174 million years old in a 2 meter layer. Apart from this, the team which has gone for research in the district has agreed to send about 45 packets from Kota Khas, Obra, Chopan, Salakhan of Gram Panchayat Kota to Lucknow for investigation.

geologist Mukund Sharma said that three types of layers are being found here. Which is being investigated structurally. These fossils belong to a time when there was no life on earth, only forests were found. Talking about the purpose of coming here, he said that a project report will be prepared on this which will be given to the state government. A committee of geologists will soon be formed in the district to study at which places such fossils are here. The committee will also have officer classes, scientific classes and journalists. The people of the committee will go from place to place and investigate.

174 million years old fossil found in Sonbhadra, geologist said big thing, then there was no life on earth

Estimates of fossils at other sites also
will be conducted from January 25 to February 3 in the research team led by geologist Mukund Sharma. Geologist Mukund Sharma, who visited the district for about a week, said that since 2000, he has been coming to Sonbhadra. Research should not harm the environment and natural resources can be used in the country’s interest. Fossils are also estimated to occur at some other sites. A research team of geologists is working to study all these. At the same time, the team of scientists working on fossils for a long time has done research by visiting every point in the field.


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