16 Countries For Indian Fighter Jet Before Development: The Tejas Mk2 (Tejas A) light combat aircraft being developed by India LCA Mk2) is becoming globally preferred before reality. 16 countries have expressed interest in buying the under-construction fighter jet. The resistance circles have approached the central government. Assistance from other agencies to build aircraft The Ministry of Defense is considering the search.

Squadrons of Air Force MiG 29, Mirage 2000, and Jaguar aircraft LCA Mk2 aircraft in development at Ramikunna In September, when they were able to use the Central Cabinet Rya Samiti had given permission. The most lethal and modern of the existing LCA Tejas The version is LCA Mk2. The model of the aircraft was also manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Developing. In the new scenario, private companies are also involved in aircraft manufacturing. The Center considers it to be derogatory.

About the features of the aircraft, it is already from 16 states. LC at Aeronautical Development Agency A MK2 Project Director Dr. V. Madhusudana Rao informed. Construction of the aircraft is expected to be completed by December 2023. . The first test flight may take place in December 2024. After this, three more prototypes will be tested.

By December 2027, all four prototypes have completed final tests. to The rest will also be tested to fulfill all the needs of the army. After this, construction will begin for the Air Force. Provide 10 squadrons to Air Force in two phases. The Mk2 version uses F414 GP fighter jet engines. Th. Here’s the technology from US-headquartered General Electric. Fully Made in India with Education Transfer Agreement. The action in this regard will start within three weeks.

India’s light aircraft program started in 1983. However, it has been dragging on for four decades due to various reasons. Madhusudana Rao said. In the case of LCA Mk1A, every year in two installments. HAL has a system to build manas one by one. However, in the case of the Mk2, a total of 24 aircraft were built in three batches. Procedures will be set up foR the Air Force signs a deal to buy 83 Tejas LCA Mk1A aircraft there is Its price is 48000 crores. Madhu said that 73 combat aircraft and 10 reconnaissance aircraft are being provided. Sudhana Rao.


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