Under the Special Abbreviated Voter List Revision, 2021, all the 243 assembly constituencies in Bihar have increased to 14 lakh 66 thousand 829 new voters and their names have been included in the electoral rolls. A total of 4 lakh 69 thousand 175 new voters have joined these 18-19 years. On the instructions of the Election Commission of India, the Election Department on Monday released the publication of the final list of the voter list under Special Brief Voter List Revision 2021.

In the state in the year 2020, where the total number of voters was 7 crore 34 lakh 98 thousand 975, it has now increased to 7 crore 49 lakh 65 thousand 804 as per the voter list prepared on the basis of January 01, 2021. These include 7 lakh 47 thousand 789 new male voters, 7 lakh 18 thousand 769 new female voters and 271 new voters of third gender. Thus, a total of 3 crore 93 lakh 88 thousand 722 male voters, 3 crore 55 lakh 74 thousand 340 female voters and 2742 voters of third gender are included in the revised voter list.

The sex ratio of the voter list has increased by one percent
, according to the Election Department, the sex ratio of the revised voter list has increased by one percent. In the year 2020, the sex ratio of the voter list was 902 which has now increased to 903. At the same time, the number of service electors has increased by 720 in the voter list. The number of service electors in the year 2020 was 1,61,800 which has now increased to 1,62,520. According to the department, the names of 2 lakh 18 thousand 217 voters have been removed from the voter list. These include voters who have died or moved to another constituency or state and their name has been deleted from one place.

The normal process of amending and adding to the voter list will continue
According to the Election Department, the normal process of amendment and addition to the voter list will continue. This facility is also available on the voter helpline app or voter portal. Additionally, the status of their names in the voter list can be checked on the Voter Helpline 1950. Also, information can be obtained in its Block, Zone and District Election Office.

New voters can get e-EPIC
According to the Election Department, new voters of the state can get e-EPIC (Digital Voter Photo Identity Card) and use it by keeping it in their mobile, laptop or DG locker. This facility has been provided from 25 January 2021. New voters have included their mobile number in the voter list.


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