Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has told in many interviews how close he was to his mother. Sonu had told in an interview that his mother was his biggest fan. Sonu has told how her mother used to encourage her. On his mother’s death anniversary, Sonu has shared an old picture of him on Instagram.

Sonu has shared a black and white picture of his mother. He wrote in the caption of the picture, “13 years ago today, on October 13 … when life slipped from my hands. Mother.” Sonu Sood has also put a heart emoji at the end of this caption. The actor’s post has been liked and shared by millions.

Nearly 3 lakh people have liked and shared this picture in just one hour. Let me tell you that Sonu Sood, who appeared in lockdown like a messiah for migrant laborers, helped millions of people to reach their homes. Sonu Sood is also writing a book on it which will be published soon.

In this book, Sonu will share his pain during the lockdown and help the migrant laborers. Although the situation has already become quite normal, but the actors still continue to help people in some way or the other. People contact them on social media, Sonu keeps helping anyone of whom it is possible to help.



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