The Central Government has introduced a roadmap for accelerating the country’s economy through heavy investment in infrastructure in the Economic Survey. 111 lakh crore will be spent in five years for the development of world class infrastructure. With this money, infrastructure projects of rail, road, civil aviation, ports etc. will be completed. Despite the Corona epidemic, the National Highway sector performed better, constructing 28 km of highways daily.

National Infrastructure Pipeline 2020-25

The National Infrastructure Pipeline 2020-25 is mentioned in the Economic Survey 2021-22 presented in Parliament on Friday. The government says that funds worth Rs 111 lakh crore will be raised through this scheme. Of this, 21 percent from the private sector, 39 percent from the central government and 40 percent from the state governments will be arranged. In the current financial year, five infrastructure projects costing Rs.4321 crore will be completed.

Four passenger trains and one port will be developed

It has four passenger trains and a port to be developed. The budget for the financial year 2021-22 66,600 crore has been made. The survey mentions that initially the construction of the national highway had slowed down in the Corona epidemic. But after unlocking, the pace of construction of highways was accelerated and by December 2020, the target of constructing 28 km per day highway was achieved. Whereas in 2019-20, the speed of highway construction was 30 kilometers per day. The highway sector has invested more than three times in the last six years. This will create massive employment opportunities in the infrastructure sector.


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