For the convenience of the passengers, the period of special trains operating through the stations of East Central Railway including Patna Junction, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Pataliputra has been extended. The operations of the extended trains have expanded to the first week of July. Among the trains that have got operational expansion are Patna to Howrah, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Chandigarh, Anand Vihar Terminal, Jammuutavi, Bandra Terminus and other cities. 

110 special Trasil list on holi

A total of 18 pairs of trains from Patna, Rajendra Nagar, Pataliputra and Danapur have received operational expansion. At the same time, a total of 55 pairs of trains have been expanded in the East Central Rail Zone. 

These trains coming from Patna have got the extension train number. How long the name of the train has been extended

03251 Pataliputra Yesvantpur Weekly Sp. 25 June
03252 Yavantpur Pataliputra Weekly Space 28 June
03259 Patna Chhatrapati Shivaji Maha.Terminal Space 28 June (Ravi & Wed)
03260 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maha Patna Space 2 July (Tues & Fri)
02395 Rajendra Nagar Ajmer Weekly Space 30 June (Wed)
02396 Ajmer Rajendra Nagar Weekly Space 2 July (Fri)
03257 Danapur Anand Vihar Space 30 June
03258 Anand Vihar Danapur Space 1 July
02356 JAMUTAVI PATNA SPE 30 JUNE (Ravi, Wed)
03255 Pataliputra Chandigarh SPE 30 JUN (Ravi, Wed)
03256 Chandigarh Pataliputra SPE A JULY (MON, Thurs)
02351 Howrah Rajendra Nagar
Space till 1 July 03329 Dhanbad Patna Space 30 June 
03330 Patna Dhanbad
Space 1 July 02363 Patna Ranchi Special 30 June
02364 Ranchi Patna Special 30 June
03347/03349 Barkakana Singrauli Patna Space 30 June
03348/03350 Patna Barkakana Singrauli
Space 1 July 02741 Vasco Patna Space 30 June (Wed)
02742 Patna Vasco Space 3 July (Sat)
09271 Bandra Patna Weekly Space 28 June (Mon)
09272 Patna Bandra Weekly Space 30 June (Wed)
09313 Indore Patna Space 30 June (Mon, Wed)
09314 Patna Indore Space 28 June (Wed, Fri)
09321 Indore Patna Space 26 June (Sat)
09322 Patna Indore Space 28 June (Mon)
02530 Lucknow Pataliputra Space 30 June (Mon, Tue, Wed, Venus, Saturn)
02,529 Pataliputra Lucknow Spey Jun 30 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat)
05,080 Gorakhpur Pataliputra Spey Jun 30 (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat)
05,079 Pataliputra Gorakhpur Spey Jun 30 (Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat )
08449 Puri Patna Space 28 June
08450 Patna Puri
Space 30 June 05713 Katihar Patna Space 30 June
05714 Patna Katihar
Space 30 June 08183 Tata Danapur Space 29 June 
08184 Danapur Tata Space 30 June
08625 Purnia Court Hatia 30 June
08626 Hatia Purnia Court 29 June


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