Political activist Luzen-al-Hathlaul, who voiced for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, was finally released. On Wednesday, 1001 days later, he was released from prison. It has been reported that he was also sexually abused and tortured in jail. Luggen remained in prison for nearly three years. Let us know that Luggen was arrested in 2018 for voicing the rights of women driving.

Internationally, Saudi Arabia was criticized for this and there were allegations of suppressing human rights.

Sexual abuse in prison

Lujen is released but his experiences in prison are heartbreaking, with a report claiming that he was subjected to various forms of torture and sexual abuse in prison.

Human rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy wrote in one of her reports that many activists, including women rights activist Lujen, were forced into prison and forced to perform the sex act.

He is said to have been forced to watch pornography, threatened with rape, hanged from the roof, beaten and also given electric shock.

Lujen spent 1001 days in jail in the pre-trial before the case went on. He was charged with crimes such as agitating for change, creating chaos using the Internet and running foreign agendas.

Iranian officials have not commented on his release, and Lugen has also kept quiet since coming out of prison. It is believed that this may be her condition for coming out of jail, which she is now fulfilling. His release was expected in March, with the judge abolishing his two-year, 10-month sentence.

The new president of the United States, Joe Biden, put pressure on Saudi. She gave a strong message emphasizing the upholding of human rights, in which she said that such violations like the time of Donald Trump, especially the action against women activists, will not be ignored. Even after Lugen’s release, Joe Biden responded by calling her a powerful female activist.

He said, “I have a welcome news. The Saudi government has released a prominent human rights activist.” She was a strong activist for women’s rights and releasing them is the right thing to do. ‘

Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving in 2018, but Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been accused of double tactics. It is said that on the one hand, while the driving ban was removed, on the other hand, women who were raising their voice for change were put in jail.

The United Nations has demanded the release of other women activists, like Lugen. It has also said that all the charges against him should be abolished.

The Prince’s rule has started to intensify against the voices of those who raised their voices against him and critics. Especially after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashogi, which started raising voices at the international level.


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