The Corona crisis has also brought major changes in the job market. Smaller cities are emerging as larger employment destinations for different sectors than larger ones. According to a report by staffing firm Xfeno, entry and junior level job opportunities in smaller cities have increased since the lockdown opened. This is due to the increasing demand for work from home (work from home culture) and the rapid growth in metro and small cities as compared to big cities. To capitalize on this opportunity, companies are focusing on smaller cities. According to the company’s website and several hiring firms, there are currently 1.5 lakh entry and junior level jobs in small cities. The market expert believes that this trend is expected to increase further in the coming years as the government is also making big investments through the infra project to create job opportunities in smaller cities. Its impact is certain to be seen on the job market.

Why the trend of companies changed

The Indian economy, including the world, has been badly affected by Corona. However, the improvement that is happening with unlocking is happening faster in smaller cities than in big cities. Demand in small cities is also increasing rapidly. According to the report, if you look at the improvement in August as compared to April, then in small cities its speed has been 31 percent and in big cities it has been 22 percent. That is, the opportunity for companies is in smaller cities than in big cities. In view of this, companies have started expanding their businesses and providing jobs in small towns.

Low cost is also a big reason

Market experts say that companies are reducing their operating costs after Corona. For this, she is hiring a low-paid employee with Work from Home. Youngsters are willing to work at low wages easily in small towns as compared to metro cities. At the same time, Work from Home has opened the way for the service sector to work from home. In view of this, companies are moving to smaller cities. They are getting good employees easily at low cost.

Most opportunities in these cities

According to the report, Lucknow, Jaipur, Nashik, Guwahati, Ranchi, Rajkot, Nagpur, Indore etc. cities have the highest number of appointments right now. With this, the companies are planning to expand their operations to other smaller cities. After Corona, companies have realized that it is not right to stick to metro cities only. So now she is increasing the focus on Tier Two and Three Cities.

E-commerce companies playing bets

In order to capitalize on the opportunity in the Corona crisis, e-commerce companies are placing big bets on smaller cities. They are focusing on increasing their workforce to take advantage of the extensive consumer base of these cities. This is expected to increase the hiring of e-companies in small cities by 15 percent. Experts believe that small cities are the future centers of retail business growth in the country. In these cities, land is available at a cheaper rate, rent is low and customers are also ready for a new experience with new stores.

Advantageous position for both

Experts say that till Corona East most of the jobs were limited to 15 to 20 big metros of the country but now the situation is changing. Now companies are moving towards smaller cities as they are getting good workers easily at low cost. In fact, 30 percent of the people coming to work in cities come from rural areas. They will not have to flee from getting jobs in their city. They are willing to work there even on low wages.


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